Published April 17, 2012
Volume 20, Number 4

Jungle Source Ensures Employers Follow Laws, Make Good Hires         
Screening Firm Provides Exceptional Expertise to Client Companies

Brook Parker, COO and co-founder of Jungle Source,
helps customers screen job applicants.

By Nicole Zaro Stahl

When it comes to hiring, “It’s a jungle out there,” according to the website of new Hacienda tenant Jungle Source. Not surprisingly, the aptly named company comes to the rescue with the tools to avoid all the pitfalls associated with screening job applicants.

The provider of background screening services moved into its new office at 5994 W. Las Positas Blvd., back in September. With a local staff of 11, the company has carved out a solid niche in a competitive market in the five years since its founding in June 2007.

A key differentiator is the extensive knowledge base Jungle Source brings to pre-employment screening. Its broad spectrum of services include employment verifications, DOT (Department of Transportation)  and non-DOT drug testing,  criminal background checks, education verifications, driving records, and specialty searches like caregiver background checks.

Granular familiarity with government regulations is essential in each category. For example, credit reports have been the subject of a lot of attention recently. “Regulators are ratcheting up the requirements for employers seeking to run a credit report for an employee,” relates Brook Parker, Jungle Source COO and co-founder. In January, the California legislature passed a law restricting these inquiries to 10 specific situations, mostly related to the handling of money.

“We make sure our customers are educated on these and all other requirements associated with running background checks,” Parker notes. “We work most often with people in human resources. We know they wear a million hats and don’t have the time to research the entire body of law on background checks. It is our job to give them the information they need stay in compliance with federal and state law.”

Parker emphasizes that only by adhering to recognized search standards will employers realize the full benefits of background screening, which includes protecting the business in case of litigation. In the crowded provider market, an employer can contract for an inexpensive database search, but to protect the company in a court of law the background search has to be deemed “reasonable” for the industry, comparable to what other similar firms would.

“This affords two lines of protection: today, it prevents that bad apple from coming on board in the first place,” he points out. Down the road, if an issue with the screened employee creates a situation that goes to court, the employer who did a reasonable search could add that to his defense.

In addition to its knowledge base and client education, Jungle Source distinguishes itself with rapid turnaround times and a high level of customer service. “If you don’t have happy customers, you’re not going to have a business,” Parker quips. “We’ve had a client retention rate of over 98 percent during our lifetime.” 

Being so close to hiring activity all across the country, Parker notes that he has seen an uptick in work lately, a suggestion the economy is improving. He advises clients to run background checks only on the top candidates in the applicant pool, and to make sure the company has consistent hiring criteria when utilizing background checks. “We want to work in partnership with our clients and help eliminate any possible complications down the road,” he comments.

For more information, visit www.junglesource.com.

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