Published October 16, 2012
Volume 20, Number 10

NetCertExpert Delivers IT Training, Consulting Services        
Firm Ensures Clients are Current on Latest Networking, Voice Technologies

Trainer Phil Morgan with CEO Rie Vainstein of NetCertExpert.

By Nicole Zaro Stahl

Companies often turn to information technology (IT) to gain competitive advantage. That creates a critical imperative for the IT team to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. “A great way to accomplish this is to ensure that the team’s knowledge is kept at state-of-the-art level,” advises Annmarie (Rie) Vainstein, CEO of NetCertExpert, which recently settled into a suite at Park Plaza at 4695 Chabot Drive.

NetCertExpert provides the training to keep the IT professional at, or ahead of, the curve, Vainstein notes. “Ensuring that the IT team is aware of new and upcoming innovations that could improve productivity saves money and prevents costly mistakes.”
Specializing in IT networking industry certification training, NetCertExpert offers classes in the disciplines of Networking, Voice, Wireless, Security, and Data Center. The classes are held on-site in its Pleasanton office; offsite, at client locations; and live online to a national and international student audience.

The depth of the company’s expertise is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that it is one of a very few organizations in the world authorized by Cisco to teach its elite Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIEs--“the industry-equivalent to a Ph.D.,” Vainstein observes--in the Voice discipline.

IT professionals with the CCIE certification have the capability to plan, design, build, and install enterprise networks at the expert level. They answer thorny questions like how to best integrate the communications systems (video, voice, presence messaging) into the company’s network.  “The CCIE Voice certified engineer program streamlines processes, making troubleshooting more efficient, and reduces downtime, thus increasing productivity. This also paves the way for the company to adopt new innovations much more quickly and easily,” she comments.

The company was founded in 2011, prompted by the realization that most IT providers offered only partial solutions: design, hardware, software management, training, or some combination of these aspects. Vainstein observes, “No single company offered a complete start-to-finish solution, so NetCertExpert was created to bridge this gap.” The company operates across the full business cycle, from design and implementation to post-install administration training, troubleshooting, network optimization, and management.

Along with preparing professionals for industry certifications, NetCertExpert creates customized classes to train a client’s IT department in an area specific to its needs. The company also provides consulting services for businesses that have existing corporate networks in place.  “When a business wants to boost productivity by expanding the corporate network, connect multiple devices, or heighten network protection or performance, we can train its team to implement these tasks safely and economically,” Vainstein relates.

In addition to its staff of permanent employees, NetCertExpert has established contract instructor and consultant pools that can be called upon when needed locally, country-wide, and internationally. “Each instructor in our pool is highly qualified and widely-known in his or her discipline,” she states. The instructor team is led by Phil Morgan, himself a double-CCIE and the first instructor in the world certified to teach Cisco’s 360 Learning Program for CCIE Voice.

“We love our Hacienda location!” Vainstein remarks. “We are near all three major airports and have the convenience of BART. The road infrastructure, hotel choices, local restaurants, physical surroundings, and the people are fabulous!”

For more information, visit www.netcertexpert.com.


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