Published January 15, 2013
Volume 21, Number 1

  • Hacienda’s Rolith, Inc., has received an exclusive license to new techniques for making transparent conductive electrodes from the University of Michigan Office of Technology. The licensed process uses continuous optical lithography and offers a low cost, high throughput approach to manufacturing transparent conductive electrodes, which are critical to the operation of various optoelectronic devices and are commonly used in high volume applications such as displays, solar cells, “smart” windows and LEDs. 

    Recent discoveries regarding the optical properties of nanopatterned metals have opened up an important opportunity to develop a new class of transparent electrodes. The nanostructured electrodes technology licensed from U-M Tech Transfer in combination with the existing “Rolling Mask Lithography” capabilities at Rolith offer a convenient and cost effective manufacturing solution to the market.
  • Wireless power specialists PowerbyProxi have unveiled their latest technology for wirelessly recharging a host of items from smartphones and tablets to TV remotes and other battery-operated devices. The Hacienda company’s solution comprises a miniature receiver efficient enough to be integrated into the processor board of a smartphone without causing overheating, which works with a transmitter that provides complete spatial freedom of positioning.

    “OEM feedback has been overwhelmingly positive to our initial samples and test data showing how far we are ahead of comparative solutions,” says Greg Cross , chairman, PowerbyProxi. “This is the most advanced wireless charging system for smartphones available today, not only because our patented design allows for full spatial freedom on the charging pad, but because we can simultaneously charge up to three devices at full speed. At last, OEMs can offer their users a wireless charging solution that doesn't involve a compromise on performance.”
  • Kaiser Permanente has received six eHealthcare Leadership Awards, including the highest honor for Organizational Commitment and the Platinum Award for Best Mobile Communications. The company’s IT department is based in Hacienda.  

    Kaiser Permanente was recognized for its commitment to using online and mobile technologies to support its mission of total health through patient engagement and also received the top award in its category for its flagship iOS app, which was launched in May 2012 and has been downloaded more than 350,000 times. Kaiser was also recognized for Best Health Content (insurer website and general health website, kp.org), Best Care/Disease Management Website (kp.org/healthylifestyles), and Best Overall Internet Website (www.kp.org/universityofcalifornia).

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