Published July 16, 2013
Volume 21, Number 7

JVF Consulting Provides Custom Web Design, Functionality       
Hacienda Newcomer also Creating New Software Solutions for Licensing

Jason Franco founded JVF Consulting in 2004 after stints at
Oracle and PeopleSoft.

By Nicole Zaro Stahl

For most businesses today, it is not enough simply to have a web page. A total online presence is imperative. Capabilities such as search engine optimization (SEO),an automated shopping cart, or an online collaboration and interaction tool—not to mention bulletproof security--are just as important as page layout and graphics.

Hacienda newcomer JVF Consulting creates the full package of custom website solutions, from design to maintenance. Well equipped with an experienced staff, the boutique software developer specializes in providing web design, SEO & marketing, business solutions, and identity services. JVF President Jason Franco has been building the business over the past nine years, progressively expanding the client base to include medium-sized and larger companies.

JVF’s portfolio is probably the best spokesperson for its capabilities.John Hancock Coffee’s online site allows customers to create a premium coffee as unique as their signature, offering choices in coffee beans, roast level, and label design. JVF Consulting managed the development of the custom e-commerce website every step of the way. To help stand out from the competition, client Rose Batteries hired the firm to transform its basic Facebook fan page “into a fully branded, search optimized site that has clear calls to action for visitors.”

To contribute to its own success, JVF has recently focused on “molding what we’ve done for other clients into products that customers can buy off the shelf,” Franco says, explaining, “A successful software company needs license revenue.”

So far JVF has made products out of two pieces of software: jComm, for e-commerce websites, and jCollab,a private cloud online collaboration workspace.

With a simple interface, strong customer support, and ironclad security, jComm offers tools and features to automate the shopping cart process, integrate social networking, and place orders via a mobile device. The software monitors products in inventory and tracks sales and shipments, providing critical business statistics. In addition, “every portion of the website is fully optimized for all major search engines,” a key to maintaining a robust corporate profile, Franco says.

jCollab is the team communications platform that allows people to get together to share ideas and events anywhere, anytime. Compatible with all web browsers for PCs and smartphones, it provides the benefits of a unified online workspace for document collaboration, project management, file sharing, and more.

Having discovered programming when he was a “geeky kid,” Franco started writing shareware in the days before the Internet.  After earning his computer science degree from University of the Pacific, he entered the world of corporate IT, working for John Deere, Oracle, and PeopleSoft. While he enjoyed the challenges, he felt the urge to see more immediate results for his efforts and in 2004 struck off on his own. The following year the business went from a sole proprietorship to an LLC and started hiring employees to perform all client work in-house, without outsourcing.

Franco has had an eye on the new office, at 5990 Stoneridge Drive, for a few years. Not only does the 1,200-square-foot space have a comfortable conference room for client meetings and staff strategy sessions, but the location also benefits from numerous retail amenities nearby. “We’re happy we could make the transaction work,” he enthuses.

For more information, visit www.jvfconsulting.com.

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