Published September 17, 2013
Volume 21, Number 9

Prospect Mortgage’s Team009 Offers Broad Range of Loan Products with Superior Customer Service

Prospect Mortgage’s Team009 has worked together for 11 years.
(Photo courtesy of Prospect Mortgage, LLC)

By Nicole Zaro Stahl

The Pleasanton office of Prospect Mortgage, LLC, is staffed by a close-knit team of lending professionals who have a cumulative 58 years in the industry. They have also logged a combined total of 11 years of working together, even though Prospect’s office has only been open since July 2012.

Team009 consists of loan officers Stephen Seidler, Alyson Quinn, and Sandy Coler, along with production manager Dianna Cardiel. The quartet had previously been employees in the Pleasanton branch of a major bank and wanted to continue their relationship when the division closed. They joined Prospect Mortgage and launched the local office, at 5960 Stoneridge Drive, as a satellite of the firm’s Concord branch in July 2012.

“We chose the name ‘team double-oh-nine’ because ‘double-oh-seven’ was taken,” Quinn says with a smile. It is an appropriate moniker in several respects, reflecting their commitment to do what it takes to serve the needs of their clients.

A hallmark of their approach is the way they work in unison, all of them handling the business that comes through the office. “We all work as one person,” Quinn observes. A single phone number rings to all four desks, and calls rarely go unanswered. “In the event that one of us is out, the others can move forward without skipping a beat.” At least one team member is available over the weekend to reply to calls and email. This strong collaboration gives them complete control over client transactions, an integral part of the strategy to deliver attentive customer service that, for example, makes sure  loans close on time.

Headquartered in Sherman Oaks, Cal., Prospect Mortgage was founded roughly five years ago, in that short time growing into one of the largest independent residential retail mortgage lenders in the nation. With 200 branches nationwide, it has built a servicing portfolio that now reaches $8 billion.

“The company formed during a challenging market, so they know what it takes to survive and meet customer needs during tough times,” says the website of its financial backer Sterling Partners, a private equity firm that believes in “investing in inspired companies and growing them in inspired ways.” 

One path to Prospect’s success has been the wide variety of home loan solutions it offers, including first-time homebuyer programs with down-payment assistance, FHA and VA, conventional, jumbo and super jumbo, and renovation products. The ability to take on all three types of lending--direct, correspondent, and brokering--gives it a significant edge. The categories refer to various ways of funding and processing loans, from handling everything in-house to finding an external entity to execute all aspects of the transaction. Most big banks do not have these options, a factor that limits the kinds of client scenarios they can accommodate, Quinn notes. Prospect, on the other hand, has the flexibility to access unique, niche-type loan products to suit various situations, whether relating to down payment, income, or credit score. It is also a leader in renovation lending, with products that allow the buyer to wrap both the purchase and remodeling costs into a single loan.

For more information, visit the team’s website at www.myprospectmortgage.com/SSeidler/.

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