Published February 18, 2014
Volume 22, Number 2

Interior Motions: Make a Statement with Furniture
Customized Spaces Reflect Company Culture in Office Design

Interior Motions
Jennifer Burton, principal/director of new business, with Interior Motions
who have a Hacienda office.  I'M your furniture provider!

By Zoe Francis

Furniture defines a company’s culture and style, yet it is often given short shrift when companies open, relocate or simply try to update their offices.
That is a problem the design experts at Interior Motions are eager to resolve.
“Furniture really sets the company culture,” Jennifer Burton, Interior Motions’ principal/director of new business, said. “Many times companies work with architects and designers to create these beautiful spaces, but then they don’t put any thought into the furniture. The furniture is what you notice when you walk into a building or room. It’s a huge key component in all companies.”
Work is no longer tied to one place. It happens anywhere and everywhere. Companies need different places to work, huddle, plug in their technology, create and brainstorm. Today’s work environments are divergent and need thoughtful planning to create efficient workspaces.
The design and management of the office must start with careful consideration of people and their work. There is no one-size-fits- all, off-the-shelf solution for an optimal workspace.
Interior Motions focuses on using furniture, whether new or refurbished, that makes the office a great space. The company specializes in quick turn-around and working within budgets.
“We’re going to make sure that we get the right solution for you now and will grow for you in the future,” Burton said. “We’re going to help you stay on budget and get you in on time.”
Interior Motions started in 1988 in Emeryville, where the company has a large showroom, warehouse and retail division. The company’s excited about its new Hacienda location.
“Anybody can buy from us,” Burton noted. “There’s no job too small. What differentiates us from our competition is we help very small one-chair operations up to large-scale operations. Any operation is treated the same way. We give the same great service to whatever size project it is.”
“We can meet any budget in any time frame,” she continued. “We’ve had operations where our client will call us on Monday and we lay out the furniture on Monday or Tuesday and they’re operational the next week. So definitely speed is an asset that we have.”
Interior Motions specializes in the well-known Herman Miller product line of furniture, but also offers an array of other brands and products.
“We have an amazing design team and staff,” Burton noted. “They’re very creative and think outside the box. We’re able to find creative design solutions for our clients. We help them maintain and attract employees for their company. We help them accelerate their business objectives through improved workspaces.”
Once Interior Motions designs an interior, the support never ends.
“We really listen to our clients,” Burton said. “If they go with an open plan, we’ll go back and ask if it’s working for them. There may be places where they need to put people behind closed doors.”
The company plans to take the East Bay by storm with its innovative designs delivered in a timely manner and on budget.
“As a boutique company, we can focus our efforts and take the time to create a customized space for each client,” Burton emphasized. “We can pull from different resources to creatively make it work for the client. We want to expand our service offerings to our clients, and we want to grow our market share in the East Bay.”
Learn more about Interior Motions at interiormotions.com.


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