Published May 20, 2014
Volume 22, Number 5


Boost Business Software with Smart ERP
ERP Gadget Software Provides Key Enhancements

Kirk Chan, Vice President of Business Development, Smart ERP Solutions

By Zoe Francis

Business software can get much-needed boosts with innovative add-on features developed by Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.

“Smart ERP enhances through automation, simplification and streamlining the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that customers are using,” Kirk Chan, vice president of business development, said.

The term ERP “is used collectively to describe the business applications that organizations use across their business,” Chan explained. “Most people are using it. ERP is almost synonymous for software for big companies.”

The applications are used in nearly all aspects of business – human resources, financial, supply chain, customer relation management and even student administration at colleges.

“We have add-on solutions to those software applications to provide automation, simplification and streamlining,” Chan said. “It’s software that gets added to their software to make that enhancement.”

A perfect example is the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management program by Oracle. While it’s an outstanding program, “it has no software to automate the process of hiring employees,” Chan noted.

Companies using that program still rely on dozens of paper forms to process new hires. That not only creates a mountain of paperwork, but the new employee must repeatedly write down basic information dozens of times.

“We automate all of that and do that online in their program or as a cloud service,” Chan said. “You can imagine the efficiency you gain when you eliminate all that paperwork. You enter your name and social security number once and it automatically fills that in, even if you need it on a hundred forms.”

Smart ERP was founded in 2005, the same year Oracle bought Pleasanton-based PeopleSoft. The Smart ERP founders are former PeopleSoft employees, mostly engineers, who saw the need for add-on programs to enhance existing business software.

While Smart ERP works with many types of software, it is deemed a platinum-level partner with Oracle. That means Smart ERP works closely with Oracle on current and newly developed products.

“We are providing complementary enhancements to those products,” Chan said. “That allows us to better provide those solutions to those customers.”

Smart ERP also offers traditional consulting services for businesses, including installing and upgrading software. Local clients that use the company’s consulting services include UC Berkeley and Napa County.

While the company provides its add-on services at a business site, it also offers its services through the cloud for companies that are moving in that direction.

Smart ERP recently got its first patent, an extensive process that took four years. The newly patented product is ERP Gadget.

“It’s a unique approach to providing that capability in an add-on fashion rather than having to do custom software code,” Chan said, proud of the company’s first patent. “It makes it easier, faster and cheaper.”

Whatever services a company chooses from Smart ERP, the end result is that the company will run more efficiently and boost its bottom line.

“We automate entire processes,” Chan said. “In that way, your organization is more efficient. You can also gain more visibility and accountability in the process.”

Learn more about Smart ERP at smarterp.com.

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