Published May 20, 2014
Volume 22, Number 5


Business Bits

  • Roche Purchase Strengthens Molecular Diagnostics Offerings      

    Roche has acquired IQuumto strengthen Roche’s offerings in the field of molecular diagnostics.      

    The Massachusetts-based IQuum is the leader in developing lab-in-a-tube technology, a novel biological sample-testing platform. The company’s proprietary technology enables less experienced personnel to perform sophisticated molecular diagnostic testing in any setting.     

    The lab-in-a-tube (Liat) system refines diagnostics to three simple steps – collecting a biological sample, such as blood, into a Liat tube, scanning the tube’s barcode and inserting the tube into the Liat analyzer. The first test available for use on the system analyzes for influenza.     

    “With IQuum, we further strengthen our molecular diagnostics offerings with cutting-edge technology and products that serve the point of care segment,” Roland Diggelmann, COO of Roche Diagnostics, said. “Patients will benefit from on-the-spot and accurate diagnoses, which will allow healthcare professionals to make rapid, informed treatment decisions in flexible settings.”     

    Once the transaction is complete, IQuum will be integrated into Roche Molecular Diagnostics, which is based in Hacienda. Visit http://www.roche.com/media/media_releases/med-cor-2014-04-07.htm for more information about the acquisition.
  • JVF Creates Website for Health Concerns      

    Modern research meets ancient wisdom in a new website created for Oakland-based Health Concerns by JVF Consulting.     

    Health Concerns is the first company in this country to manufacture Chinese herbs for practitioners, bringing centuries of tradition to the West. The company’s new e-commerce website is easy to navigate and features a secure login for consumers and practitioners.     

    Practitioners interested in integrating herbs into their practices may use the website to access continued education classes and webinars, plus shop the company’s full line of professional products.     

    "We implemented the latest version of Foundation, the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world, to make the mobile performance ultrafast," Jason Franco, president of JVF Consulting, LLC, said. "Our determination to create a responsive e-commerce website required us to work with third-party vendors to develop the optimal setup for order fulfillment and customer service workflows."     

    The new website was designed by JVF and powered by its e-commerce platform, jCommerce, making it easy for Health Concerns to maintain its own website without needing to know special code. The website features user-friendly, secure shopping that calculates sales tax and shipping so there are no hidden costs to consumers.     

    Learn more about JVF Consulting at jvfconsulting.com. Visit the new Health Concerns website at healthconcerns.com.
  • Gap Taps Technology to Expand Business      

    Gap is tapping into technology to achieve long-term, profitable growth across its portfolio of brands.     

    Gap already provides customers with the online ability to reserve and find products in stores and ship from stores. Later this year, the company will test a new order-in-store feature that allows customers instant access to expanded product offerings online.     

    “We have the world’s best collection of American brands coupled with a strong economic model and runway for global growth,” Glenn Murphy, chairman and CEO of Gap Inc., said. “As the retail landscape evolves, we continue to deliver on our omni-channel roadmap and focus on owning the shopping experience of the future.”     

    In addition to the new tech innovations, Gap intends to fuel growth and gain share in the $1.4 trillion global apparel market. There are plans to expand in Asia, and the company is excited about the long-term potential of its fast-growing Athleta brand.     

    Gap, which includes Old Navy and Banana Republic, among others, is based in San Francisco with an information technology office in Hacienda. Visit gapinc.com to learn more about the company.
  • Oracle Releases Much-Anticipated Solaris 11.2  

    Oracle hosted a launch party in New York City in late April to release the latest update to its popular Solaris cloud-based operating system.    

    Solaris is touted as being the first cloud-based operating system. The new Solaris 11.2 has been highly anticipated since the previous update was released in November 2012.    

    Oracle Solaris 11.2 is a complete, integrated and open platform engineered for large-scale enterprise cloud environments. Customers can simplify their information technology infrastructure and deliver reliable, high-performance, efficient, compliant and secure cloud services to the end customer at low cost.    

    Visit oracle.com/us/corporate/pressrelease/solaris-11-2-042914 for details about what is offered in the latest Solaris update.

Compiled By Zoe Francis


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