Published July 15, 2014
Volume 22, Number 7

Marketing Innovation with Ogden Costa Creative Group
Creative Solutions for All Sizes of Projects and Companies

Ogden Costa Creative Marketing
The Ogden Costa Creative Team, located in Hacienda, in the Hacienda West complex

By Zoe Francis

The 50th anniversary release of Sleeping Beauty, the sharp new Las Positas College logo and the stylish packaging of Netgear products all have one thing in common – Ogden Costa Creative Group.
The firm is the blending of two graphic design wunderkinds, Kyle Ogden and Rich Costa, who struck out on their own to establish their vision of creativity and success.
“We’re a full-service graphic design company that does everything from corporate branding to website design, packaging, logo design, advertising,” Ogden, president and creative director, said. “Everything that has graphics on it, we’ve probably dabbled in it.”
Ogden and Costa, CEO and creative director, previously worked together at another firm before they teamed up to start their own company in 2004.
“We thought it was a good opportunity for us as business people and to see our own design vision,” Ogden said of their venture.“The vision is that we want to help different brands of companies and different styles of companies. Everyone has their own design vision. We wanted to execute our own.”
The new company hit the ground running with major clients like Disney, AT&T, Netgear, Cisco Systems and Carl ZeissMeditec.
“We work with startups from their initial branding, and we work with established brands like Disney,” Ogden said. “Whoever comes to us with their design or marketing projects, we’ll work with them.”
Ogden Costa skillfully executes the marketing plans typically crafted by marketing groups within a company or corporation.
“We’ve been able to start off with small projects and then build within the company,” Ogden said. “A lot of the companies, we’ve stayed with a long time. We’ve maintained their brand and come up with creative ideas for their marketing projects. What they appreciate about us is our timeliness and our really different, creative solutions.”
Repeat business from existing customers is a key component of the company’s continued growth.
“We’ve developed a good reputation over the years,” Costa proudly noted. “Deadlines are pretty tight on a lot of projects, and we never miss deadlines, but we still maintain a high level of creativity.”
Locally, people will recognize the group’s crisp logos for Las Positas and Chabot colleges, as well as the logo and website for the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center. The firm has designed packaging for Netgear, Sun Tropics juice and Lexar.
While graphic design competition is fierce in the Bay Area, the two partners believe their unique brand of creativity sets them apart and keeps their business thriving.
“What keeps clients coming back to us time and time again is coming up with different creative solutions,” Ogden said. “We try to not must maintain the status quo. We try to come up with something different that will captivate the end client. That’s what’s kept us getting these referrals and maintaining our status with them for so many years. It keeps them coming back.”
Learn more about the innovative talents of Ogden Costa Creative Group at ogdencosta.com.


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