Published August 19, 2014
Volume 22, Number 8

VentureSoft Offers a Variety of Business Solutions
Providing Tailored Services for All IT Needs
VentureSoft Global
Ms. Vidya Bhat, Vice President of Operation, VentureSoft Global located in Hacienda

By Zoe Francis

VentureSoft Global is a one-stop shop for a vast array of technical solutions and services for companies to enhance business effectiveness and efficiency.
“We offer technology solutions and services,” director of solutions Shiva Iyer explained. “We have services which are pure IT services, big data and data sciences, core engineering, engineering operations, business process outsourcing and consulting.
“Our clients are any of the organizations that require IT services, big data solutions or engineering services. There are a whole gamut of services these companies require.”
If a company is developing a product, like an electric car, “they will require engineering services. We can help them with design and development of core software and new applications on top of the existing software. We help them build those applications. They might buy software applications from SAP or Microsoft, but they’ll still require integration and customization to make the software work with their computer systems.”
One of the hallmark services offered by VentureSoft is outsourcing the company’s information technology (IT) professionals to work on site to provide technical services and support.
“It is not easy to get talented people with domain knowledge,” Iyer noted. “We offer our clients competent people at a competitive price and fast. They can get the results on time and much faster working with us. We can help ramp up specialized resources quickly to do the job. Typical project cycles are six months to a year. However, some of the maintenance projects are ongoing for multiple years.”
VentureSoft is based in Hacienda with global offices in India, Japan and Qatar.
“One major benefit for our customers is we’ve been in business for more than a decade,” Iyer noted proudly. “We have incredible experience. The second is we have the expertise that is niche and valued by clients.”
Some clients need limited help from VentureSoft, while others rely on the firm for a broader scope of services.
“There are some clients who need just one or two resources,” Iyer said. “Other clients give us their requirements as a project. We develop the solutions and do the delivery. Sometimes we just provide resources. Other times, the projects are complex and large enough to require resources both here and in other locations.”
The company’s trademark is “studying, designing, developing, implementing and testing technology solutions for our clients. We offer multiple types of services.”
Learn more about the many services offered by VentureSoft Global at venturesoftglobal.com.

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