Published October 21, 2014
Volume 22, Number 10

Six Dimensions Merges Tech & Marketing for Success
Leveraging Technology to Reach New Customers

Six Dimensions
Six Dimensions staff, at their Stoneridge Drive office, in Hacienda

By Zoe Francis


Six Dimensions blends the best of technology and marketing to ensure customers get the largest market share possible.
“We bridge the gap between the chief information officer (CIO) and the chief marketing officer (CMO),” Tejune Kang, founder and CEO, explained. “Essentially, what we do is address the needs of both. Typically, the CIO is looking to do things better, faster, cheaper. They’re looking for cost-effective ways to leverage technology. The CMO is looking to expand marketing to create greater revenue growth and brand awareness.”
Six Dimensions will do everything from designing an appealing website and implementing a web content management system to devising an online marketing solution, all with the intent of luring more people to the business and keeping them as devoted customers.
“We use technology solutions to address marketing and sales needs,” Kang said. “Digital business technology is extremely hot. Everyone has an iPhone, Android or tablet, which means customers are always on. The best way to reach new customers is by leveraging technology.”
A perfect example is beverage giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Everyone knows about those companies and products, but not many people visit their websites. A social media campaign can boost awareness and lure loyal customers.
“We’re pretty much thought leaders within our industry,” he said. “We provide thought leadership in terms of how to better run the organization to continue to thrive and continue to get market share. We’re truly making a difference in the world by changing the way people connect, interact and engage.”
Kang founded Six Dimensions in 2004 after working at PeopleSoft. He saw a growing market segment and jumped on the opportunity. The company has grown 40 percent annually in recent years, earning it top spots on fastest-growing companies lists in the San Francisco Business Times and Inc. Magazine.
The burgeoning company went public in late September to entice deep-pocket investors and lure top-notch talent.
“It provides us the right platform for growth,” he said of the company’s recent listing on the NASDAQ. “We’re very proud of our ability to attract and retain new talent and be relevant in today’s market.”
Six Dimensions’ customer list reads like a who’s who of successful businesses – Autodesk, Hewlett Packard, LinkedIn, STMicroelectronics, Shutterfly, Citrix, UC Berkeley, McDonald’s, Time Warner Cable, Boeing and many more.
“We work with large companies,” Kang said. “Typically, they are several billion dollars in revenue. These are the ones who can afford and need the enterprise-level solutions to remain competitive. Our reputation is impeccable. We always deliver what we promise.”
Part of Six Dimensions’ specialty is using the data it discovers and collects from a company to help that company run as smoothly as possible and plan for the future. The firm has helped companies plan for a large number of retirements due to an aging workforce and evaluate diversity within a company.
“When it comes down to it, it’s all about data,” Kang noted. “You have to have the right data points to make the right decisions. You have to evaluate the data and ask the right questions. Now, the companies we’re working for become a lot more strategic.”
While Six Dimensions has some stiff competition in the market, Kang is confident his company will continue to come out on top.
“At the end of the day, customers prefer to work with us because we’re more nimble and we get the job done,” he said. “We’re a lot more effective.”
Six Dimensions is based in Hacienda with offices in New York and Cincinnati. Learn more about the company at sixdimensions.com.


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