Published December 16, 2014
Volume 22, Number 12

Business Bits


  • New ServiceMax App for iPhones        

    Employees whose offices are outside the confines of four walls now have access to a full range of service capabilities on their iPhones with the innovative ServiceMax Mobile for iPhone. The new iPhone app is the only filed service solution on a smartphone that has full application functionality, even when disconnected from the Internet. ServiceMax Mobile for iPhone provides workers will full end-to-end service capabilities right in their pocket.      

    “ServiceMax Mobile for iPhone was built based on ServiceMax’s years of expertise developing the industry’s most proven mobile application, ServiceMax Mobile for iPad, and deploying it successfully to hundreds of customers globally,” Dave Yarnold, ServiceMax CEO, said. “Field technicians work in unpredictable and changing environments, and the new iPhone app, along with our iPad app, are the only field service mobile solutions that provide flexibility and full functionality, even without connectivity, so technicians can provide the best possible service to customers no matter what conditions they are working in.”      

    ServiceMax’s other recent releases include:    
    • Updates to ServiceMax Mobile for laptops and iPads     
    • Scheduling enhancements with new dispatch console maps platform enhancements, including the ability to use Service Flow Manager to create scheduled, multi-source workflow actions and triggers    
    • Contract enhancements with GetPrice labor pricing       
Hacienda-based ServiceMax is the field service management solution for a new era of business. Learn more about the company at servicemax.com. ServiceMax Mobile is available at the Apple App Store.
  • Adept Improves Smart Robot Technology       

    Adept Technology’s Lynx mobile robots are smarter and more autonomous, thanks to Acuity, the newly patented and proprietary technology for the robots.      

    Acuity is a breakthrough localization feature that allowed Adept Lynx intelligent and autonomous robots to navigate in environments where the surroundings are always changing.      

    "Adept's Acuity technology takes Lynx mobile robot autonomous navigation to a new level," Terry Hannon, chief business development and strategy officer at Adept, said. "Acuity enables a Lynx vehicle to effectively operate in areas where features change dramatically. This is especially important in applications such as materials transport in busy, high-traffic warehouses where an autonomous robot's navigation must allow for constant movement of people, pallets, carts and forklifts, and shelves being emptied and refilled."      

    Acuity uses overhead static cues to pinpoint the robot’s location, allowing operation where the horizontal environment is more dynamic than the current 80 percent feature change the standard Lynx system can tackle.       “Adept's Acuity feature boosts Lynx robots' already exceptional navigational capabilities to an extraordinary level, broadening the opportunity for system deployment into an even greater number of settings,” Hannon said.     

    Lynx mobile robots work safely alongside workers and are ideal for use in large manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers and for clean wafer pod handling in the semiconductor industry. Learn more about Hacienda-based Adept Technology at adept.com.
  • PowerbyProxi Device Advances Wireless Charging       

    Wireless charging of electronic devices took a huge leap forward with the release of the Proxi-2D EVK-1 by PowerbyProxi.     

    The new evaluation kit for wireless charging of consumer electronic devices enables customers to test the capabilities of PowerbyProxi’s resonant technology features such as full spatial freedom, 7.5W power transfer per receiver and multi-device charging up to 15W.     

    “The Proxi-2D EVK-1 is the next step towards getting advanced resonant wireless charging technology in the hands of consumers,” Greg Cross, PowerbyProxi CEO, said. “Allowing customers to experience the safety, efficiency and speed firsthand furthers our goal to enable innovation in the market.”     

    PowerbyProxi’s newest evaluation kit includes a transmitter and two receiver modules to test charging of multiple devices at 7.5W per receiver. The kit highlights a critical next step toward the advancement of the Qi (pronounced chee) specification by delivering a resonant solution capable of Qi compliance. Qi is an interface standard for inductive wireless power transfer over distances less than 2 inches.     

    PowerbyProxi is based in New Zealand with a Hacienda office. Learn more about the wireless power company at powerbyproxi.com.
  • Axis Community Health Opening New Facility       

    Hacienda is home to one of the Bay Area’s largest nonprofit capital campaigns – the new Axis Community Health center currently under construction.      

    The new 24,000-square-foot Axis facility is ranked as No. 24 out of a 25-project list compiled by the San Francisco Business Times. Each item is ranked by the campaign’s goal.      

    The Axis project has an overall cost of $12 million with Axis having the goal to raise $1.7 million through its capital campaign. More than $800,000 has been raised toward that goal.       

    Axis is a nonprofit group that provides affordable health services for more than 14,000 low-income and uninsured families in the Tri-Valley area. The facility at 5925 Las Positas Boulevard is expected to open in mid-2015 with 27 exam rooms, seven counseling rooms, patient education facilities, pharmacy and other services. It is projected the new project will enable Axis to serve 20,000 people by 2016.       

    The new facility will be in addition to Axis’ existing locations. Additional funding will come from Alameda County, local cities and the community, but the majority of the expense will be financed by Axis.       

    Visit axishealth.org to learn more about Axis and its capital campaign.

Compiled By Zoe Francis


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