Published January 20, 2015
Volume 23, Number 1

New Tenants, New Projects in Hacienda Create Active 2014

By the end of the year, three sites were in active development in Hacienda. The St. Anton project and the two Essex projects were hard at work creating new, quality residential products. Added to this was the approval of another major project for Summerhill on W. Las Positas. New investment in Hacienda properties also brought renovation activity to hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space. Refurbishment of existing projects and tenant improvements commenced in 2014 will be completed in 2015 as part of the creation of new homes for Veeva, Astex Pharmaceuticals (see story in this issue by accessing the link at the bottom of this page), Ellie Mae, Tenet/John Muir, Axis Community Health and many more. A summary of key activity in Hacienda follows.

Essex Hacienda  St. Anton
The new Essex Hacienda began construction (left) of their first phase at Owens Drive and Willow Road. Anton Hacienda Apartments (right) continued
activity on their project in 2014 with structures due to open in a few months on W. Las Positas Blvd.

Summary of Major Activity in 2014
Development Activity (approved, under construction or completed)

Anton Hacienda Construction: 168 units
Summerhill Approved:  177 units
Essex Hacienda Construction:  251 units
Essex Hacienda Construction:  255 units

TriNet Innovate Pleasanton
TriNet (left), a new Hacienda tenant, came to Hacienda Lakes, on Gibraltar Drive. Innovate Pleasanton (right), a cutting edge business accelerator,
developed a new facility on Willow Road.

Major Tenant Activity

Morgan Stanley  ~ 21,000 sf
Carl Zeiss  ~ 57,000 sf
CooperVision  ~ 26,000 sf
Caltrans  ~ 17,000 sf
Ellie Mae ~ 106,000 sf
Veeva Systems ~ 140,000 sf
Standard Pacific Homes ~ 11,000 sf
TriNet  ~ 22,000 sf
Innovate Pleasanton  ~ 15,000 sf
Astex Pharmaceuticals  ~ 37,000 sf
Pick 6 Sports Lounge ~ 10,000 sf

Overall Tenant Activity   ~575,000 sf

Caltrans Carl Zeiss
Caltrans joined tenants at Sunol Center (left) and Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy expanded at their location on Hopyard Road (right).

Lease Transactions

< 10K sf 93.98%
10K-50K sf 4.82%
> 50K sf 1.20%

Space Absorbed

< 10K sf 29.78%
10K-50K sf 27.52%
> 50K sf 42.70%


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