Published February 17, 2015
Volume 23, Number 2

Bracing Physicians with Cutting-Edge Orthopedics
Offering High Quality Service and Products

Kelley & Associates
Pictured above are, Kelley & Associates staff, Tim Porter, Sherry Renna and Jenna Brown.

By Zoe Francis

Tim Porter and his sales team have extensive, in-depth knowledge about anatomy and physiology, even though none of them holds a medical degree.
Porter and his team at Kelley & Associates must stay on top of the latest developments in the medical field in order to best represent the orthopedic products they sell to doctors and healthcare facilities.
“We represent a range of manufacturers that produce orthopedic bracing products,” Porter explained. “We supply these products to all different categories within orthopedic treatment – directly to orthopedic treatment centers, orthopedic surgeons, hospitals, surgery centers, urgent care, physical therapy. Any facility that would treat an orthopedic injury.”
Porter is president of the Hacienda-based company, having recently taken over from founder Tom Kelley after he eased into retirement. The company employs two sales representatives, plus Porter and two office workers.
“It’s a good achievement for a small company as ours to have lasted as long as we have,” Porter said proudly. “We’ve managed to do well over the years as a small company competing against much larger corporations with a lot more resources for their representatives.”
The key to the success of the firm, founded 28 years ago, is the tenacity and dedication of its staff.
“We still are a small company, so we highly value every piece of business,” Porter, who joined the firm in 1993, said. “I like to think that we always try to offer that Nordstrom-quality service. Nobody’s going to beat us on service.”
Kelley & Associates represents roughly a dozen manufacturers that make an extensive range of orthopedic braces and splints. The manufacturers provide intense training to their representatives, who in turn provide expert advice to medical professionals.
“This industry requires some expertise from the rep who’s knowledgeable about the product,” Porter noted. “We can interface with any medical professional who would require the product.”
Procuring customers requires Porter and his sales team to pound the pavement in search of business.
“It’s primarily knocking on doors,” he said. “Our job is to market to physicians with face-to-face sales calls, by phone, by e-mail. We also exhibit at regional and local workshops, seminars or conventions that physicians would attend to show our product.”
The Kelley team must convince physicians that the company has the perfect high-quality product that can be delivered at a competitive price and in a timely manner.
“We try to position ourselves as different or offering something superior to the competition,” he said.
It may be that the company offers a niche product for a highly specific injury, such as the unique brace Kelley has for patella-femoral syndrome, an issue with the proper tracking of the kneecap.
“We have a very unique brace for that (syndrome) that has features that are very different from the competition that makes it more comfortable for the patient to use,” Porter said.
It is also crucial for Porter and his team to stay abreast of insurance rules and regulations.
“We’ve had to become experts on reimbursement and what each doctor is going to be reimbursed on each splint or brace,” he said. “We help a physician or physicians group with making sure they’re billing correctly for the splints and braces they use to get maximum reimbursement.”
Porter and his sales reps are always on the move, staying on top of the latest developments in order to deliver cutting-edge products to their customers.
“We represent really thousands of products,” Porter said. “We have pretty much any bracing mechanism that’s off-the-shelf from cervical down to ankle and everything in between.”
Learn more about Kelley & Associates at kelleymed.com.

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