Published June 16, 2015
Volume 23, Number 6

Nuubia SF’s Expansion Highlighted by Continued

Commitment to Environment

Nuubia SF
Nuubia SF's, new stone, location at The Market at 1355 Market Street, San Francisco

By Jay Hipps

Everyone, whether human or animal, seems to love Hacienda confectioners Nuubia SF. The company’s recently-opened San Francisco retail outlet has earned rave reviews, and the expansion comes on the heels of the company’s commitment to join the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network, a global community of conservationists, businesses, artisans, producers and harvesters dedicated to the development and marketing of products that conserve threatened wildlife while contributing to the economic vitality of rural communities.

“We are thrilled and honored to join The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network,” says Alexandra Saunders, Nuubia SF CEO and co-founder. “Conservation is at the core of Nuubia’s DNA and we take great care that our commercial aspirations and operations benefit the preservation and protection of our planet. We hope, in a small way, to demonstrate that it's possible to make fine chocolates that are pure, incredible, and made without resorting to using ingredients that are harvested at the cost of destroying forest ecosystems and other species.”

The outstanding quality of Nuubia’s confections is well known. French chef Lionel Clement is a past Chocolatier of the Year award winner, and Esquire magazine recently named Nuubia’s OMG Bar — a crispy hazelnut praline and sea salt caramel concoction with caramelized crisped rice, coated in 64% dark chocolate — as one of its Best New Foods in America.  

The new San Francisco location, part of The Market on Market in Twitter’s headquarters at 1355 Market Street, has also provided the company an opportunity to expand its product line. In addition to Nuubia’s popular gift boxes and individual chocolates, new offerings like sipping chocolates, French macaroons and ice creams, and jars of sea salt caramel spread, chocolate hazel nut spread, and other flavors are now available at the mid-Market location.

Even with the new offerings, Saunders is committed to maintaining Nuubia’s philosophy of sustainability. Because palm oil production causes the destruction of indigenous forest habitats, for example, the company avoids using the ingredient in its products. “All our products and packaging are sustainably sourced and made to strict certification standards,” adds Saunders. “We have earned the right to be labeled  ‘Wildlife Friendly,’ ‘Gorilla Friendly,’ ‘Orangutan Safe,’ ‘Predator Friendly,’ and ‘Cruelty-Free.’ We look forward to showing how wildlife ties in with sustainably-harvested fine ingredients and making these efforts known to others who passionately respect ecosystems, animals and humanity.”

Nuubia SF was also honored recently with a Community Service Award from the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce. The Green Business Award recognizes the company’s record in promoting sustainable environmental practices throughout its organization for the benefit of employees, customers, or the community.

Above all, it is Nuubia SF’s mission to show that even the finest chocolates and confections can be produced without damaging the environment. “We want to demonstrate that ‘green’ in no way means a compromise in product quality,” Saunders says.

Nuubia’s web site, which includes an online store, can be found at nuubiasf.com. Products can also be purchased at the company’s Hacienda artisan kitchen and showroom at 5673 West Las Positas Boulevard from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday (closed 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. daily) as well as their San Francisco store at 10th and Market (open Monday through Friday 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and weekends 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.). For additional information on the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network, access wildlifefriendly.org.


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