Published October 20, 2015
Volume 23, Number 10

First American Title Brings Special Services Office to Park
International Real Estate Services Firm Operates in Over 70 Countries

First American Title
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By Jay Hipps

Continuing a long history in Alameda County, First American Title Insurance Company has relocated from its former location on Owens to Hacienda, leasing over 11,000 square feet at 4750 Willow Road. The office, one of more than 800 in the U.S., houses a workspace for 40 employees who provide a number of specialized services to the company’s customers and provide support to its branch offices.

First American Title is one of the largest title insurers in the nation, offering title services through its direct operations and an extensive network of agents throughout the United States and abroad. First American Title provides comprehensive title insurance coverage and professional services for real estate purchases, construction, refinances, and equity loans. 

The Hacienda office works extensively as part of First American Title’s Homebuilder Services division. This department works with home builders and developers throughout the U.S. to help make the title and closing process more efficient with the integration of new technologies. “By combining our Homebuilder Services expertise with leading technology, we strive to make the title and closing process virtually seamless for our customers,” said Sylvia Erazo, director of operations in Northern California for First American Title’s Homebuilder Services division. “The results are less stressful closings and happier homebuyers.” A separate Land Acquisition Department works with homebuilders, commercial developers, and attorneys long before the process of construction begins.

“Settlement services are an important area of business for title companies, but there are also a lot of auxiliary functions that go with that,” said Bob Gilardoni, manager of Centralized Customer Services for the company. “That’s where we come in.”

In addition to supporting homebuyers and sellers, the Willow Road office works with all the professionals involved in real estate transactions, including real estate agents, lenders, home builders and developers. “When an individual buys or sells a home, they typically work with a local, trusted realtor, so we often support realtors in creating a positive experience for homebuyers and sellers,” said Gilardoni.

The Willow Road facility also houses First American’s Strategic Markets division, which is dedicated to supporting the company’s work with multicultural homebuyers and sellers. “For example, they have created informational materials in more than 20 different languages to help non-native English speakers understand the steps involved in buying and selling real estate in the U.S,” Gilardoni explained.

First American traces its roots to 1889 in Orange County. Today, the company employs over 17,000 worldwide, with over 11,000 of those in the U.S.

The Hacienda office also includes a Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) group which aids homebuilders in navigating BRE guidelines, as well as staff who specialize in underwriting, training and alternative energy. The company’s services also include home warranties, property and casualty insurance, and more.

For additional information on First American Title or its parent company, First American Financial Corporation, visit the company’s website at www.firstam.com.


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