Published March 21, 2017
Volume 1, Number 3

Las Positas College Connects Students With Jobs

By Tina Hansen
Pulse Writer

How do you know what you want to do when you grow up when you do not know your options? The pressure on high school students to figure that out is amplified as they reach their senior year when they have to decide whether or not to go college, and many high school students may feel anxious because they are unaware of their options concerning what to study.

With the soaring cost of higher education, for many students it is not feasible to start college without a career plan. The plan they need is one part of a three-way connection between colleges, students, and employers.

Las Positas College in Livermore has developed a new innovative program that will make it easier for that three-way connection to be successful. With the prohibitive cost of college tuition becoming the biggest barrier for many students who want to further their education, Las Positas College has found a solution that will help students stay in college and find work they like once they graduate.

The College has launched a new program called Work-Based Learning and has partnered with College Central Network to promote specific Work-Based Learning educational opportunities. The program works two ways. First, the program provides internships, field trips, guest lecturers and career tips to students so they can get a sense of different jobs and explore their interests. Second, the program offers a talent resource of prospective new employees for local businesses who might have to look outside the region for employees.

"Las Positas College plays a pivotal role in fueling economic development in our region," said Las Positas College President Barry A. Russell, "Our new Work-Based Learning Initiative supports this role, strengthens our area workforce and promotes prosperity in our community."
The program is a virtual connection point for students, alumni, and employers. Students and alumni can post their resumes, search for job openings, sign up for internship alerts and receive career advice on topics such as preparing for job interviews and resume writing. Employers can search for resumes, post internships, and job shadowing positions.

Area businesses and organizations will be able to find qualified employees and students will have an advantage in moving ahead in their careers.

The College recognized that to retain students and keep them focused by offering a practical solution, as well as help local businesses attract trained and enthusiastic employees, they had to develop a program that was attainable and beneficial for both sides. The work-based learning solution offers students the ability to do job shadowing and internships, and for local businesses, because their future economic vitality depends on a skilled workforce, they can identify prospective employees.

The program offers relief to students who may not be sure what kind of job they want to pursue and a practical solution helps businesses find the talent they need.

Las Positas College is leading the way in the future of higher education by creating new, fast-tracked courses and changing placement rules that will prevent students from getting bogged down by having to take classes that do not lead them toward the job they want to pursue.

For more information, please visit their website at www.laspositascollege.edu/careercenter/work-based.php.