Published June 22, 2017
Volume 1, Number 6

Featured Special Offers for June

Hacienda employees, residents and affiliates have access to some truly spectacular deals. Check out the links below for a sampling of items from the latest from Hacienda's Special Offers program. You can gain access to all of our Special Offers here: www.hacienda.org/special-offers/special-offers.
The Cheese Steak Shop - The Cheese Steak Shop has been serving "Real Philly" cheese steaks since 1982 starting with their first store in San Francisco. Their authentic Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches have pleased Philadelphians for generations and Californian customers for three decades. Their ingredients are special ordered, and like their  Amoroso rolls and Tastykakes, many are shipped directly from Philadelphia. Whether you want your Cheese Steak "wit or witout" white American or Provolone cheese, hot or sweet peppers, or chicken or veggies, The Cheese Steak Shop is here to serve it to you the "Real Philly" way.
Cyotherapy -  Whole Body Cryotherapy (exposure to subzero dry air temperature) for a very brief duration can result in short and long term cessation of pain, decrease inflammation, assist with soft tissue recovery and improve general wellness without shocking the body’s core temperature by prolonged exposure. Treatments have been adopted by elite athletes and pro teams for muscle and injury recovery. Cryotherapy is the national leader as the most complete center model concept for safe, effective, and affordable treatments available to the public.
18|8 Fine Mens Salon -  18|8 has created the ultimate men’s grooming experience based on their understanding that your hair is one of the key factors in defining your style. That is why 18|8 offers a wide variety of men's haircuts and grooming services that make it easy for you to look your best. At 18|8, you are greeted with a selection of complimentary draft beer, wine, or other beverages. Enjoy your service in a comfortable barber chair in a semi-private station as 18|8's professional stylists/barbers help you find the perfect style.
Aqua Adventure Park - Having fun in the sun has never been easier with four twisting slides, a lazy river, lap pool, and splash zone featuring water jets and sprays. The Aqua Adventure Park is conveniently located at Central Park in Fremont, California and encompasses three acres. Locker rooms, concession stands, food service, picnic areas, and many other park amenities make this a family friendly destination and a perfect outing when the temperature heats up!
Children's Fairyland - Hacienda is delighted to announce our special discount ticket program with Children's Fairyland in Oakland. Fairyland has close to 60 storybook sets, kid-size rides, friendly animals, and 10 acres of gardens. Birthday parties, puppet shows, and sing-a longs are also frequently found in this whimsical park. Fairyland is designed to delight visitors of all ages, but especially those under the age of eight. Stroll through the Mother in the Shoe front gates, and discover all that Fairyland has to offer.