Published January 25, 2018
Volume 2, Number 1

Fit Style Customizes Workouts for Each Client

By Hacienda Pulse Staff Writer

Jenn Longsworth has heard a lot of myths about workouts, exercise, and personal training since she became a personal trainer in Pleasanton in 2005. As founder, owner, operator, and master personal trainer at Fit Style, a personal-training studio, Longsworth is eager to educate clients about personal training, exercise, nutrition, and health. 

“People think you have to be in shape to get a personal trainer,” Longsworth says. “That blows my mind. Personal training can accommodate any fitness level.”

After all, the point of personal training is to get exactly the workout you need, customized and personalized to your own fitness level, experience, and goals. That means anyone can benefit from personal training, according to Longsworth, who notes that Fit Style offers free assessment sessions to potential clients.

At Fit Style, personal training can help “anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level, regardless of where they are starting,” she says. From individuals new to physical training to those with disabilities to athletes (Fit Style recently helped a client cut over 30 minutes off his race time, qualifying him for the Boston Marathon) Fit Style trainers take clients from wherever they are starting to the next level.

Longsworth says another common myth is that personal trainers force clients to do advanced or potentially dangerous workouts like those shown on some TV shows. “A personal trainer’s foremost objective is safety,” Longworth notes. Because Fit Style’s training is completely customized to each client, clients are never asked to do a workout or exercise beyond their capabilities.

Fit Style trainers often hear from women who believe the myth that lifting weights will give them huge, bulky, "bodybuilder" muscles. “That is 100% not true. The tiny percentage of women who look like that have trained for years to get bulky. Strength training will only add shape, definition, and tone to your body; it will not make you bulky. In fact, strength training equals fat loss.”

Unlike most fitness centers, Fit Style does not have memberships; it is a private studio filled with commercial gym equipment for the trainers and their clients only. They focus on form and posture in every workout as well as nutrition to get their clients great results. While Fit Style primarily works with clients one-on-one, it introduced Small Group Personal Training in October 2017. This program allows groups of three to six individuals, often friends or colleagues, to get the benefits of personalized training support at a lower overall cost.

Fit Style clients come from all walks of life. They have different goals and different starting points. But they are all looking for the same thing–reaching their own personal best. “We exist to build the confidence of every person we come in contact with through fitness in a warm, welcoming, private environment,” Longworth says. “We handle our business with honesty and integrity and we work hard to make sure every client has an amazing experience.”

Fit Style is not a franchise but a unique enterprise founded as a labor of love and created from scratch by local residents Jenn Longsworth and her husband. Fit Style moved into its Hacienda location in 2015 for its “perfect” location. “We wanted to be right in the middle of Pleasanton to be convenient for all of our clients,” Longsworth says. The business won the Pleasanton Weekly Readers’ Choice Award for Best Fitness Center in Pleasanton in both 2016 and 2017.

For more information about Fit Style, please visit www.fitstyle.com.