Published January 25, 2018
Volume 2, Number 1

Innovative Digital Marketing Agency JVF

Focuses on Customers

By Hacienda Pulse Staff Writer

JVF Consulting is a full-service web design company that handcrafts highly functional, visually appealing, and feature-rich websites and mobile applications. Many clients turn to JVF for effective, custom commerce solutions or to help to them best promote their services online.

“So many companies get taken advantage of in this space that we look to be as transparent as possible by removing the shroud of mystery around online services,” says Jason Franco, owner and president of the company. “We offer high quality, professional guidance every step of the way.”

“Our goal is to create proper automation and digitize business processes for our clients so that herculean tasks that took them hours or days prior are shrunk down to a few moments,” says Franco. “Our platforms are modern and are built to offer up compelling experiences for any visitor using any device to view a client’s website.”

Clients can turn to JVF for expertise in a variety of services and specialties, including custom website development based on WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, and Squarespace. The company has also developed proprietary jCMS and jComm platforms.

jCMS is designed for clients who need robust online event management for services such as ticket sales, event registration, sponsorship development, and more. jComm is designed for clients who need customized online retail stores, with services that include customer accounts, shopping carts, inventory management, shipping, and related services. JVF also provides general website content management.

“Our proprietary platform software is more secure, more locked down, and less likely to get hammered on as we aren’t open source for everybody to see how to exploit us,” notes Franco. “Nobody is immune, but we work hard at continually learning, never taking anything for granted, and making sure to do the little things to keep bad folks out.”

Recent JVF clients include the Organic Produce Network and the Organic Grower Summit. For the Organic Grower Summit held in December 2017, JVF used its jCommerce platform to build registration processes for exhibitors and general attendees that addressed two unique sets of information and payment needs. JVF also provided resources on the event site for sponsors and sponsorship opportunities, the event schedule, presenter/speaker information, accommodation information, and related material.

“When new clients visit the shop and meet the team, they are blown away at the amount of high quality work we can do, and the speed at which we do it,” says Franco. He notes that some of his clients are businesses that had bad experiences using virtual services before turning to JVF for help.

“Much of this stuff can be done virtually, but so much more can be accomplished when you’re sitting down next to someone and can see what pains they are going through, connect, and then find a solution together,” he says.

Franco started his company in Dublin in 2004. In 2013 he moved the business to Hacienda. “We were impressed by the quality of the facilities in Hacienda, and the pricing was very competitive for the surrounding Tri-Valley area.”

The business owner began his first consulting business at the age of 15. That background made him a good fit for the Dublin High Engineering Mentor Program. As a mentor, "anything I can do to foster or give a hand to these students, I want to do,” he says. “If they can learn from my mistakes and successes, they can go even further than I did.”

For more information about JVF Consulting, please visit www.jvfconsulting.com.