Published February 27, 2018
Volume 2, Number 2

Jack Nadel International Leading Producer

of Dynamic Promotional Merchandise

By Hacienda Pulse Staff Writer

Founded more than 60 years ago, Jack Nadel International (JNI) is a $125 million dollar sales promotion agency that leads the industry in designing and producing dynamic promotional merchandise for its clients. The people of JNI work together as a community of innovators to passionately focus on leading edge marketing solutions, striving to find new ways and places to connect people to its clients’ brands, and to exceed the expectations of its clients every time, everywhere. It does that by ensuring that brand merchandise meets client objectives in design, implementation, and budget.

Many Fortune 100 brands are JNI clients, according to Mike Maurice, Vice President of Business Development, who has worked for JNI since 1983, when he graduated from San Jose State University with a Marketing degree. “From an industry point of view, brand merchandise is everywhere and is an important part of any company’s brand experience,” he says.

JNI has a unique perspective on promotional products and takes a strategic approach rather than a tactical one. “Our client services personnel are marketing oriented, rather than product oriented,” he says. “Promotional products should always fit the audience in gender, fashion, style, season, age, and budget. We view the promotional relationship with our clients’ goals as an interactive one, in which their brand should always create a definitive marketing benefit for them.”

The Facilities and Real Estate team of one global client, for example, asked JNI to create merchandise rewards for the clients’ employees in facilities around the globe, from markets in the US to Europe to South America. “The JNI Design Services Team, an in-house entity at JNI, developed custom Beebop headphones that would allow the client’s brand to be heard around the world,” says Maurice.

JNI Creative designed and produced beautiful custom branded packaging that met the client’s goals. Then the JNI Distribution Center worked with its preferred suppliers to gather the pertinent technical specifications so that shipments would reach the client’s employees without custom clearance issues or other delays.

According to Maurice, JNI takes great pride in offering an extremely wide range of promotional services, including incentive sales campaigns, employee recognition, safety programs, trade show marketing, and corporate stores. “Our team of experts understands logo guidelines, budgets, marketing goals, rush orders, billing procedures, and will understand all aspects of your program requirements,” he says.

JNI is headquartered in Los Angeles and, as an ever-growing brand, now has full service sales offices in 21 strategic locations in the US as well as offices in the UK, Greece, Australia, and China.

In 1999 the company decided to relocate its Oakland sales office to a more “commute friendly” location and, in August of that year, moved to Hacienda because it appreciated Hacienda’s amenities and growth potential. JNI has 12 full-time employees at its Pleasanton office, and is a strong supporter of the Alameda County Community Food Bank.

In September 2018, JNI will host its annual Idea Showcase in San Francisco. The Idea Showcase brings together JNI clients alongside 100 of JNI’s top supplier partners for a day of relationship building and idea exchange in a tradeshow-like atmosphere.

For more information about Jack Nadel International, please visit https://www.nadel.com.