Published March 20, 2018
Volume 2, Number 3

SunBelt Controls Help Customers Save Energy and

Money With Efficient Building Controls

SunBelt Controls

By Hacienda Pulse Staff Writer

Sunbelt Controls is a leading full-service building automation contractor for new construction and retrofit projects in the Western United States. The company provides complete, fully integrated, single source solutions ranging from engineering applications and automated control systems to design assistance, sustainable maintenance service, retro-commissioning, and energy rebate supported projects.

Sunbelt Controls focuses on providing superior design, installation, and continuous service support to each of its customers via the company’s dedicated, direct digital control (DDC) branch locations. Each location is staffed with experienced project managers, application engineers, and highly skilled technicians who are trained in servicing several lines of control products.
As system integrators, Sunbelt Controls can integrate automation systems that run a building’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), electrical, lighting, IT, and security components, enabling facility managers to utilize one centralized user interface to control all aspects of a facility’s systems.

“With system integration, we provide you with optimal solutions for your unique facility that will be cost effective, improve occupant comfort, and, most importantly, reduce energy consumption,” says Matthew Sigel, Corporate Marketing Coordinator. “Overall, our best-in-class building control products and solutions center on reducing both energy use and operational costs so our customers can be more efficient and competitive in today's world.”

Sunbelt Controls translates emerging technologies into value for customers by creating smarter, more efficient buildings through professional solutions, services, and critical systems integration. As an independent systems integrator, Sunbelt Controls can work with any brand of building automation system. While this freedom allows the company to take on a variety of projects, its project management approach always stays the same: customers receive a single point of contact who manages a project from proposal through commissioning.

For more than 30 years Sunbelt Controls has valued project management as the key to implementing successful building automation systems. The company’s project managers have an average of 25 years of experience in the industry in the areas of sales, operations, and engineering.

Recently Sunbelt Controls provided building automation solutions for the 2.1 million square foot Wilshire Grand Center, which opened in June 2017. At 1,000 feet high, the Wilshire Grand Center is the tallest tower in Los Angeles. Sunbelt Controls needed to address several challenges posed by the project, including the complex integration and technical requirements inherent in high-rise construction and the location of this large project in the densely congested area of downtown Los Angeles.

Other challenges included integrating a unique guest room system into the greater building automation system along with other types of building occupancy that required distinct integration design and installation solutions.

"With our web-based solutions, you can manage the various mechanical systems in your facility from anywhere in the world,” notes Sigel.

About 80 employees work in the Hacienda office, which the company opened in 2014.  “Sunbelt Controls had begun its rapid expansion, and this was an exciting opportunity for us to have a larger workspace that allowed for stronger collaboration and future growth,” says Sigel. “The Hacienda office serves as our company headquarters and is a natural fit for Sunbelt Controls’ continued growth and expansion plans in the Bay Area.”

Within California, the company has offices in Azusa, Costa Mesa, Pleasanton, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, and San Francisco. Sunbelt Controls also has additional offices in Nevada, Texas, and the state of Washington.

Sunbelt Controls partners with United Way, which focuses on creating community-based and community-led solutions that strengthen some of life’s cornerstones: education, financial stability, and health. United Way workplace committees actively work on annual fundraising activities throughout Sunbelt Controls offices, and the company matches employee contributions to the “Creating Pathways out of Poverty” fund at a 100% match.

For more information about Sunbelt Controls, please visit www.sunbeltcontrols.com.