Hacienda sits at the northern edge of Pleasanton at the junction of two major Interstate freeways. A Bay Area Rapid Transit station is in the development, which also offers a variety of other transit choices. Hacienda's central location makes it an ideal place for new and established companies that want easy access to the economic powerhouse that is the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hacienda has been an established part of the Tri-Valley region since the early 1980s and, over time, has developed its own character within the larger Pleasanton community. As it has matured, Hacienda has become not only a significant regional employment center, but also a location that supports an enviable quality of life for the people who work or live there thanks to first-rate amenities and a quality environment. This quality of life, combined with a robust infrastructure and easy access to everything a business needs, strongly supports the success of companies that have made Hacienda their home.

I genuinely love it. We have employees at the Hacienda office who live in Oakland and take BART out and then walk to the office. The location is great, and the restaurants and shopping are fantastic.
Dave Michaud, Chief Marketing Officer, Plex Systems

As can be seen in the charts below, Hacienda's population has experienced dynamic growth over the years in both employees and residents. Hacienda's ideal location gives its tenants easy access to the best resources available in the City of Pleasanton, the Tri-Valley region, and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Source: Hacienda Owners Association, 2023
Hacienda Population Current and Buildout Projection
Type Number
Current Employees 15,575
Employees Projected 28,000
Current Residents 5,844
Residents Projected 6,400


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