Wednesday, June 30, 1999 will be a Spare the Air Day. This advisory is being sent to let you know that your efforts to reduce air pollution tomorrow can make a substantial difference in regional air quality.

Hacienda Spare the Air Resources

The Hacienda Owners Association would like to help facilitate your participation in tomorrow's Spare the Air Day. On a first come, first served basis, the Association is distributing BART and SMART tickets to Hacienda employees and residents. To apply, click on the link below and send an e-mail with the following information:

  • Name
  • Company Name or Residential Development (entrants must be employees or residents at Hacienda)
  • Company Address or Hacienda Residential Address
  • Tickets Desired (BART or SMART)

In addition, you can order your free WHEELS bus pass to use any time during the year by going to our web site, , and placing your order under the Materials, Commute section of the Park Association page.

1999 Spare the Air On-Line Notification

Those wishing to receive personalized notification of Spare the Air dates via e-mail can do so by clicking on the logo below or by accessing: . Employees who register will be entered in the Air District's prize drawings for a vacation getaway, a bicycle, in-line skates, software packages and more! Individualized registration also assists the Air District in evaluating the Spare the Air program and quantifying its success.

Regional Resources

Need help planning your commute? Want to know how to get from here to there? Interested in resources that can show you the full range of transportation alternatives available? Try some of the following:

RIDES for Bay Area Commuters For all your pool needs: RIDES has all the details on carpools, vanpools, bikepools, walkpools and more!

Bay Area Transit Information If it moves in the Bay Area, Bay Area Transit Information will tell you how to get to it and use it!

TravInfo Just dial 817-1717 from any area code in the Bay Area to obtain instant commute assistance!

Contact Information

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