The Hacienda Owners Association is a proud supporter of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's Spare the Air program. This important advisory alerts Bay Area residents about those days where their efforts to reduce air pollution can make a substantial difference in regional air quality. This year's program had over 1,700 Bay Area employers participating.


The Spare the Air summertime program ended October 18th. While the Bay Area has some of the cleanest air found among U.S. metropolitan areas, the effort to reach and maintain the national health standards for ozone continues. California's health-based standard for ozone is even stricter than the national standard and the Bay Area is pledged to reach that target as well. The Air District wishes to thank the employers who participated in seven Spare the Air advisory days this summer. The program works because of the efforts of these employers.


This year, the Air District will be issuing wintertime Spare the Air Tonight e-advisories to those people currently enrolled in the e-mail notice program from the summer. Although no new enrollees are being accepted until next year, advisories for those not currently enrolled can be found at: The winter advisories will be issued midmorning when air quality is predicted to be unhealthy that night. The advisory will ask individuals not to burn wood in fireplaces and woodstoves and to limit driving in the evening. Wood burning and vehicle exhaust are the major source of particulate pollution in the winter. Information on good woodburning practices can be found at: .


The National Theatre for Children in conjunction with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District is launching a program to educate Bay Area school children on the subject of air pollution education and prevention through performances. The program is currently under development with a launch date of spring 2003. The program will focus on children, ages 6-14, and their families. Topics will be presented through live performance. Information on The National Theatre for Children can be found at: Sponsorship opportunities for this production are available by contacting Mike Boardman using the contact information below.

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