The Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority (LAVTA), operator of the WHEELS bus system, is conducting a series of public workshops and a public hearing to receive comments on several proposed service changes. The potential service change, if approved, would go into effect at the end of the summer.

Community Transit Workshop Information

LAVTA is hosting three upcoming transit workshops to discuss proposed service changes that would add service to portions of the Tri-Valley where services do not currently exist, and to make adjustments to routes to improve system efficiency. Wheels will host a series of informal two hour transit workshops where people are free to stop by at any time they are available to discuss service ideas with staff. If you are not available to attend a workshop, you can also submit comments by phone, fax, or email, or you can fill out an online comment card at www.wheelsbus.com . Workshop information and locations are as follows:

Tuesday, April 24 Dublin Library, 100 Civic Plaza 4:00 - 6:00 pm served by the Rapid

Wednesday, April 25 Pleasanton Library, 400 Old Bernal Avenue 4:00 - 6:00 pm served by Routes 8 and 10

Thursday, April 26 LAVTA Office, 1362 Rutan Court, #100, Livermore 4:00 - 6:00 pm Served by Route 12

Public Hearing

A public hearing has also been scheduled to discuss service modifications with the LAVTA Board of Directors. The public hearing is being held on Monday, May 7th at 4 pm at LAVTA's Office in Livermore.

Description of Proposed Service Modifications

  • East Dublin Service - As developments are completed further to the east and northeast of Dublin, expansions of existing Wheels Routes 2, 201, and 202 are being considered for the area. Potential new service segments include the northern parts of Fallon and Tassajara Road, as well as Positano Parkway.
  • West Dublin Service - The "V" portion of Wheels Route 3 is being considered to be broken out separately and to operate as a school tripper only. The frequency of the current weekday service on the main Route 3 may be increased to 30 minutes. Input is also sought as to the directionality of this service.
  • Service to Bernal Property - Input is sought as to whether certain trips of Wheels Route 8 be aligned on the new portion of Valley Avenue between Bernal Avenue and Case Avenue.
  • Del Prado to Harvest Park - Discontinue Wheels school tripper Route 612 due to low ridership, and reallocate resources to improve other Wheels lines serving Pleasanton, including the possible implementation of limited service on Route 8 on Sundays.
  • "Rapid" Line Service Frequency - Consideration to reduce the current peak period frequency from 10 to 15 minutes in order to better align the service with current demand and with the 15-minute frequency of BART trains.
  • Service Restorations - Input is sought on the potential restoration of some of the cuts that were implemented in 2009, as well as other potential new or expanded Wheels service.The funding outlook and budget for the next several fiscal years has not yet been determined.
  • Route Improvements - Suggestions to improve any route and area will be considered, but particular attention is being called to suggestions for improvements in high-volume corridors, such as those of Wheels Routes 10, 12, and 15. Potential improvements (on any line) could include longer service hours, higher trip frequencies, and larger geographic coverage.

Additional Information

Additional information is available on the meetings and service changes. For details, please refer to the LAVTA representative below.

Contact Information

Rosemary Booth Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority 1362 Rutan Court, Suite 100, Livermore, California 94550 (925) 455-7558 phone (925) 443-1375 fax rbooth@lavta.org e-mail www.wheelsbus.com WWW Hacienda Owners Association 4473 Willow Road, Suite 105, Pleasanton, California 94588-8570 (925) 734-6500 phone (925) 734-6501 fax info@hacienda.org e-mail www.hacienda.org WWW

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