Hacienda is pleased to partner with US Cryotherapy in Pleasanton. Whole Body Cryotherapy, exposure to subzero dry air temperatures, for a very brief duration can result in short and long term cessation of pain, decrease inflammation, assist with soft tissue recovery and improve general wellness without shocking the body's core temperature by prolonged exposure. Treatments have been adopted by elite athletes and pro teams for muscle and injury recovery. Cryotherapy is the national leader as the most complete center model concept for safe, effective, and affordable treatments available to the public.

US Cryotherapy Special Offer

Hacienda has enabled our affiliates to participate in a discount program designed to save you money and provide you with a great value. Special Offer details below:

Offer Details Regular Price Hacienda Price

Whole Body Cryotherapy, Localized Cryotherapy, and 5 minute Hydro Massage.

New clients only. Offer is non transferable, and can only be redeemed at the Pleasanton location. Kindly mention the discount when scheduling.



Redeeming This Special Offer

In order to qualify for the US Cryotherapy Special Offer, applicants need to be either an employee within Hacienda or a resident within one of the following Hacienda residential communities: Anton Hacienda, Avila, The Galloway, Park Hacienda, Siena, Avana Stoneridge, Valencia or Verona. Information on how to obtain your tickets is available on our web site once you are logged into your Hacienda account at If you have not already done so, creating an account is easily accomplished by following the directions below. Once logged in, proceed to the Special Offers section off the About menu and select Health and Wellness from the menu on the left. Registered users will be able to view details, and see purchase instructions, as well as gaining access to all of the other Special Offers provided to Hacienda affiliates.

Your Hacienda User Account

We invite you to create your own Hacienda account to gain access to the many special features on our site. Simply go to and select Log In at the top of any page. You will find a grey link underneath the login information where you can create an account. Details on creating different accounts can be found in the Resources section of our web site. Specific information on creating an Employee or Resident account needed to order Special Offers items can be found at the following location:

Additional Information

Additional information relating to this offer and US Cryotherapy is available. Please refer to the US Cryotherapy contact below. For details on Hacienda's web site, Hacienda user accounts and Hacienda's Special Offers program, contact the Hacienda Owners Association.

Contact Information

Aron Howe
US Cryotherapy
5684 Stoneridge Drive, Suite A, Pleasanton, California  94588
(925) 399-6533 phone e-mail WWW

Hacienda Owners Association
4305 Hacienda Drive, Suite 330, Pleasanton, California  94588-2738
(925) 734-6500 phone     (925) 734-6501 fax e-mail WWW

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