Pleasanton Steps Up Anti-Graffiti Efforts

In an effort to encourage public participation in their anti-graffiti campaign, the Pleasanton Police Department has set up a special voicemail line at (510) 484-8380 for reporting acts of graffiti and other vandalism. This effort, combined with the Hacienda Owners Association $150 reward program, offers a multi-faceted approach to reduce graffiti and other vandalism.

City Urges Zero Tolerance

"The Pleasanton Police Department and the City of Pleasanton have been diligent in locating, reporting, investigating, and arresting people responsible for this kind of damage," says Chief of Police Bill Eastman. "It's important that the general public sends a message that graffiti will not be tolerated."

The department asks that all acts of graffiti be reported using the recorded hotline at (510) 484 -8380. They also ask that suspicious persons who may be engaged in graffiti-related property damage be reported at (510) 484-8127.

Since the hotline was established the police have cleared over 40 percent of their graffiti cases dating back to January 1995.

Hacienda Reward Program

The Hacienda Owners Association unveiled a reward program addressing vandalism last fall. The Association is offering a reward of $150 to anyone who provides information resulting in the conviction of any person caught vandalizing park property.

For more information, contact the Association at (925) 734-6500.

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