PeopleSoft Unveils Plans for Campus

400,000 Square Foot Facility to Open First Quarter of 1998

PeopleSoft, one of the nation's fastest growing software companies, will build a 400,000 square foot campus in Hacienda, at the corner of Owens and Hacienda drives. The first phase of construction, which will consist of the shells of all the buildings and the first 250,000 square feet of tenant improvements, is expected to be ready for occupancy in the first quarter of 1998.

"We are going to be closing on the land at the end of this month, then we'll jump right into construction," says Deborah Oxendine, PeopleSoft's director of real estate and administrative services. "We'll be able to accommodate about 1,000 people with the first phase, which includes amenities like a fitness center and a cafeteria."

The complete project will house an estimated 1,500 employees. "I suspect we will begin Phase II in the middle of 1998 if we meet our schedule with Phase I," says Oxendine. "Probably by the fourth quarter of 1998, the project will be complete and we'll be able to start moving people in."

Space for Work Groups

Oxendine is enthusiastic about the flexibility that the new space will give the company.

"Pleasanton is primarily our think tank, and the largest group to be accommodated there will be our development team," she says. "One of the reasons why having a campus is so critical is so that these folks, who all work on the same project, have some relative adjacencies. Even at PeopleSoft Plaza, we have a bunch of different suites in the building, with no large contiguous spaces. The campus will give us some really big floor plates to work with."

High on Hacienda

Pleasanton is proving to be an ideal location for the company, which moved many of its offices from Walnut Creek last year.

"This location has proven really terrific for us, not only from the standpoint of the great and very affordable housing, but also we now have a real ability to tap into the South Bay employment market. We didn't have that in Walnut Creek. That's been a real coup for us, because growing as fast as we have for as long as we have, you just sort of run out of good people."

The campus will offer immediate access to BART, which is scheduled for an early summer opening. "We couldn't ask for a better location for our campus, relative to BART. Our San Francisco employees are really looking forward to it."

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