PeopleSoft to Construct Major New Project

Software Developer's Expansion to Total Nearly 1 Million Square Feet

In a move that will more than double their space in Hacienda, PeopleSoft will build nearly 1 million square feet of space on 38.25 acres adjacent to the recently constructed PeopleSoft Headquarters off Owens Drive.

"The need for the new space is dictated by the continuation of the success of the company's products," says Brian Griggs, PeopleSoft's real estate consultant. "The company has approximately 900,000 feet in Hacienda right now and the space needs have grown anywhere between 50 and 70 percent per year."

The new project will rise on two lots straddling Owens Drive, using all the vacant land to the northeast between their recent project and the I-580 freeway. Industry analysts place the total cost of the project in the $80 to $100 million range.

The project's architects have designed the new campus to function much like a town center. The buildings form open spaces of various sizes, designed to encourage people to gather there and interact.

"At PeopleSoft, developers work in teams from just a few people to sometimes three and four hundred, so synergy is very important," explains Griggs.

A linear park will be included as well, connecting the campus across Owens Drive as well as the existing PeopleSoft Headquarters site.

First Phase of Construction

The lot to the south of Owens will be the first to see construction. It will include two, five story office buildings, each of 180,996 square feet; a two story data center at 69,600 square feet; and a two story commons building which will contain a cafeteria and a large fitness center.

Construction on this part of the campus is scheduled to begin this fall, with completion of the data center anticipated for May 1, 1999. The rest of the site's facilities are expected to be occupied in September. It is anticipated that this project will accommodate the company's need for additional space for 1999.

On to Phase Two

A definite timetable has not been created for the land north of Owens Drive. While a master plan has been submitted to the City of Pleasanton, final plans have not been completed for this phase.

Currently, plans include two five story office buildings averaging 180,996 square feet each and one five story office building at 172,228 square feet. Scheduled construction of the second phase is undetermined. However, construction of this phase will occur in accordance with the space needs and growth of PeopleSoft.

Total, combined square footage for the project is 999,702 square feet.

A True Campus Feel

In addition to the linear park, the new PeopleSoft Pleasanton Campus will also be connected by a new private road, PeopleSoft Parkway. This plaza, highlighted by fountains at each end, will extend from I-580 on the north and into the existing PeopleSoft Headquarters parking lot on the south.

The courtyards formed by the buildings on each site will feature dramatic landscaping as well. Each site will have a large, naturalistic pond bounded by a pedestrian path lined with benches. Wooden boardwalks will cross each pond, leading to the commons building.

"There are also going to be some sport fields and sport courts for volleyball and basketball," says Griggs.

Other landscaping elements will enhance the facility's true campus feel. The linear park, which will occupy the western edge of the land, will consist of a series of rolling, bermed landforms densely populated with evergreen trees such as cedars. The landscape architects are hoping to create a series of intimate spaces where people can get out of their offices and sit in the shade.

The design team has brought an unparalleled level of expertise to the project, which will provide a visual centerpiece and gateway to all of Hacienda.

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