City Transportation Survey to be Used for Planning of I-680 Express Bus, More

Hacienda businesses are helping shape the future development of the area by participating in the City of Pleasanton's 1998 Transportation Survey.

The survey, perhaps the City's most important planning tool, inquires as to the methods of transportation used by employees to commute to and from work the week of May 11-15.

"The data gathered provides the City with valuable information for transportation and infrastructure planning," explains Diana Bonanno, economic development assistant. "The survey also helps us determine our progress in reducing traffic congestion."

The information gathered is analyzed by the City to evaluate existing traffic patterns and also to project the effects of new development on Pleasanton's streets. The information is used in planning future transit routes as well.

Surveys were distributed early this month and are to be returned to the City by May 22. Anyone who did not receive a survey and would like to participate should contact Bonanno at (925) 484-8289.

Planning the I-680 Express

For instance, the results of the survey will be used in route planning for the recently announced WHEELS I-680 Express bus service between Concord, Walnut Creek, and Pleasanton.

"We're using the survey to better develop the route," says Austin O'Dell of WHEELS. "We're going to design the route that's going to give us the biggest bang for the buck."

WHEELS has already purchased a number of commute coaches from Golden Gate Transit, which will be refurbished for I-680 Express use.

These buses feature high-backed, reclining seats, personal reading lights, and an overhead luggage rack.

Hacienda employees will be entitled to free use of the new route with their WHEELS pass, available at no cost from the Hacienda Owners Association.

The new service will follow the example of many employer-based bus services. WHEELS is currently seeking potential riders who would also be interested in becoming drivers.

"Drivers would receive training and compensation, as well as a free commute," adds O'Dell. Anyone interested in using the route as a passenger or a driver should contact O'Dell at (925) 455-7555.

Additional Transit Information

For more information on any transit-related needs, contact the Hacienda Owners Association at (925) 734-6500. The Association has schedules and other information for transit services throughout the Bay Area as well as carpool and vanpool information for Hacienda tenants.

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