SBC Research Group Comes to Hacienda

SBC/TRI Adds New Technology to Telecom Products, Services

SBC Technology Resources Inc. (TRI), a division of telecom giant SBC Communications, will occupy a 41,574 building at 4698 Willow Road beginning in early November.

TRI is the applied research subsidiary of SBC and works exclusively with the SBC Communications family of companies to incorporate leading-edge technology into their communications products and services.

"Our work is constantly changing, since it is focused on evolving telecommunications technology," says TRI spokesperson Phyllis Schuler.

About 75 of the company's 315 employees will work in the new facility. TRI is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

A Little Bit of Everything

TRI's team of engineers, computer scientists, applied psychologists, and communication experts work in five different groups, all of which will be represented in the Hacienda location. These groups are:

Broadband This group seeks to increase the carrying capacity of telecommunications networks. With the vast network growth spurred by increased use of the Internet, their task has become a critical one. One of TRI's key projects is work on delivering high speed connections to customers using asymmetric digital subscriber lines (ADSL), seen as the next step in high speed data transmission.

Information Technology TRI's scientists in this group seek to reduce the time and learning curve necessary to deliver new technology to customers. For instance, their Human Factors group studies people's behavior and work habits in an attempt to improve product design and ease of use.

Intelligent Networks As the information technology group works to make new technology easier to use for individuals, the Intelligent Networks group works to lower the cost and reduce time-to-market for SBC divisions using new technological innovations.

Internet Technologies TRI works closely with SBC's Internet interests to deliver the latest advancements. One area in which the Internet Technologies group works is in developing the Virtual Private Network (VPN), which would allow companies the ability to set up large, private "Intranets" which are scaleable and secure. Using such a technology would mean that a company could send confidential information over a network without the security risk associated with the public Internet.

Wireless Systems This group's goal is to enhance SBC's radio-based businesses by increasing capacity, improving quality, and adding functional features.

An example of the Wireless Systems group's work is FreedomLink, a mobile telephone developed by TRI, Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, and an outside partner. This phone uses the cellular frequency to serve as an in-house phone within a plant or building, but once outside a specified geographic area, automatically accesses the regional cellular network.

A Creative Outlet

According to Charles Roesslein, TRI president and CEO, the company's unique scope of work requires a special ingredient: creativity.

"At TRI, we venture beyond the boundaries of traditional thinking," he says. "We foster and support innovative thought that can transform the newest developments in communications technology into something real and workable for our customers.

"We are creative in our thinking and seek solutions within the context of marketplace realities."

Not Alone

TRI is the latest SBC/Pacific Bell tenant in Hacienda, but not the only one. Two additional subsidiaries may be found as well, occupying over 300,000 square feet.

The largest of these is Pacific Bell Wireless, formerly Pacific Bell Mobile Services, which has offices at 4420 Rosewood Drive and 4626 Willow Road. This division oversees development, deployment, and delivery of their personal communications services (PCS) phones, which offer the convenience of cellular phones with additional services such as voice mail and alphanumeric paging.

SBC Long Distance occupies 83,884 square feet at 5850 West Las Positas Boulevard. This subsidiary is SBC's entry in the competitive market for long distance telephone services.

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