California Rideshare Week Offers Commute to Tahiti

Commuters participating in California Rideshare Week October 5-9 get a chance to win a trip for two to Tahiti in the annual event, sponsored by RIDES for Bay Area Commuters.

Entering is simple: anyone who pledges to not drive alone to work at least once during the event qualifies.

A variety of other prizes are offered as well, including a mountain bike, 1999 season passes to Great America and Marine World, gift certificates to Lucky Stores, and Commuter Check vouchers for vanpool and/or transit use.

To participate, simply fill out a pledge sheet and get it to RIDES by October 15. It's also possible to enter at the Hacienda Transportation Fair. Forms are available from company transportation coordinators or online at

One of Many Services

California Rideshare Week is just one of many services offered by RIDES.

For over 20 years, RIDES has been the Bay Area source for information on commute alternatives. At no charge to participants, RIDES helps form car and van pools by matching people with similar home and work locations.

RIDES also serves as a clearinghouse for information on Bay Area transit routes, bicycle commuting, and even telecommuting.

RIDES also sponsors the Spare the Air program, which encourages Bay Area residents to use commute alternatives on days where air quality is threatened. For information, call RIDES at (800) 755-POOL, access their web site, or see them at the Hacienda Transportation Fair.

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