The City of Pleasanton Offers a Full Menu of Helpful Services, Information

The City of Pleasanton offers a variety of services that are integral to the successful operation of a business not only that, they're happy to make themselves available for local employers and employees. Here's a guide to help business interact with City departments:

Building Inspection Department

200 Old Bernal Ave. Director: Gary Smith (925) 931-5300 Fax: (925) 931-5478 Open 7AM to 6PM M-F

The Building Inspection Department handles plan checking, building and fire sprinkler inspection, and construction-related questions. This includes services for commercial buildings, including:

  • building permits;
  • occupancy permits;
  • new construction projects;
  • additions to existing projects;
  • tenant improvements, remodels, or modifications.

City Attorney

123 Main St. Michael Roush (925) 931-5015 Fax: (925) 931-5488

The City Attorney's primary duty is to advise the council and staff on all legal matters pertaining to City business. They are also available to answer questions about the Municipal Code.

City Clerk

123 Main St. Peggy Ezidro (925) 931-5027 Fax: (925) 931-5488

The City Clerk maintains the City Council agendas and minutes, the City's filing system, and the Pleasanton Municipal Code. Through the City Clerk's office, you can obtain information such as:

  • minutes and agendas of public meetings
  • City reports and publications

City Manager

123 Main St. Deborah Acosta (925) 931-5002 Fax: (925) 931-5488

The City Manager is responsible for overall administration, leadership, and direction for the City.

Finance Department

123 Main St. Director: Susan Rossi (925) 931-5400 Fax: (925) 461-6855

The Finance Department oversees the City's financial operations, assessment districts, and City bonds. It has these three divisions as well:

Business License Dept.

200 Old Bernal Ave. (925) 931-5440 Fax: (925) 461-6855

This group processes and enforces business licenses and also assists new businesses with information on startup.

Economic Development

123 Main St. Director: Gail Gilpin (925) 931-5038 Fax: (925) 5476

Part of the Finance Department, Economic Development is responsible for administration of the City's Economic Vitality Program and the Transportation Systems Management program, including the Commendable Commutes program for Pleasanton businesses. This group also serves as ombudsman for local businesses.

Utility Billing

200 Old Bernal Ave. Director: Susan Rossi (925) 931-5425 Fax: (925) 931-5481

In addition to bills for water and sewer customers, Utility Billing issues dog and bicycle licenses.

Fire Department

4550 East Ave., Livermore Fire Chief Stewart Gary (925) 454-2361 Fax: (925) 454-2367 The Fire Department offers fire, medical, rescue, and hazardous materials emergency response and prevention. Other services include:

  • fire prevention program
  • safety inspections for businesses
  • information on proper use and disposal of hazardous materials


400 Old Bernal Ave. Director: Billie Dancy (925) 931-3400 Fax: (925) 846-8517

The newly furbished Pleasanton Library offers a great selection of books in addition to a number of programs for both children and adults. Among its offerings are a complete business library and a number of useful business resources.

Parks & Community Services

200 Old Bernal Ave. Director: Jim Wolfe (925) 931-5340 Fax: (925) 931-5477

Community Services sponsors recreational classes and activities, preschool programs, theater and facility scheduling, civic arts, senior program, dial-a-ride service, youth and adult sports including business softball leagues, recreation for developmentally disabled adults, and special events.

Personnel Department

123 Main St. Director: Larry Miller (925) 931-5048 Fax: (925) 931-5488

The Personnel Department recruits and retains the City's 400 employees.

Planning Department

200 Old Bernal Ave. Director: Brian Swift (925) 931-5600 Fax: (925) 931-5483

The Planning Department develops and administers the General Plan and other planning, zoning, and environmental regulations. Virtually any improvement to a property requires planning approval, including signs, antennas, landscaping, and more. Other services include:

  • zoning certification
  • use permits and approvals

Police Department

4833 Bernal Ave. Police Chief Tim Neal (925) 931-5100 Fax: (925) 931-5480

The Pleasanton Police Department Crime Prevention Unit offers assistance to businesses regarding a variety of security issues, including commercial security surveys, workplace security workshops, and more.

Public Works/Engineering Department

200 Old Bernal Ave. Director: Randy Lum (925) 931-5650 Fax: (925) 931-5479

This group plans, operates, and maintains the City's water, sewer, storm drainage, street, and transportation systems.

This department has several additional divisions:

Engineering Services - (925) 931-5650, 200 Old Bernal - Responsible for the planning, operation, and maintenance of the City's infrastructure. Includes the Traffic Engineering department, which plans, designs, and operates transportation facilities and services.

Landscape Architecture - Works with City staff and public to design and prepare construction drawings for the construction of new park projects and renovation of existing parks. Also:

  • Administers urban forestry program
  • Heritage Tree program
  • Reviews private development landscape plans

Parks Maintenance - (925) 931-5565, 3333 Busch Road - Maintains parks, medians, trees, and right-of-way on City-owned property; provides hazard pruning of other trees.

Sewer/Storm Drain Departments - 931-5535, 3333 Busch Road - Maintains and operates the City's sanitary and storm wastewater collection systems. Also monitors industrial discharge to ensure compliance with applicable water quality control regulations.

Street Department - 931-5551, 3333 Busch Road - Maintains and sweeps streets, including signs and painting. Also responsible for traffic and concrete maintenance.

Water Department - 931-5520, 3333 Busch Road - Provides drinking water for city residents as well as for industrial uses.

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