Ezonics E-mail Worth a Thousand Words

Cameras Help Users Add Photos, Video, to Internet Communication

Ezonics marketing guru Mike Ostwind appears on-screen thanks to Ezonics' latest product, the EZ Dual Cam.

"Don't Send E-Mail Send Video Mail!" That's been the message that's fueled the sales of computer cameras made by Ezonics, a Hacienda company that has become a market leader after being founded just two years ago.

The concept is simple. Instead of being limited to sending e-mails consisting of only text,, EZ Cam users can send short video clips, which include audio, to add a more personal touch.

A Quick Start

Ezonics' rise is even more remarkable considering that they developed their first cameras just over a year ago.

The line of cameras has been a big hit in the marketplace and are available at virtually all the major retailers and even cable TV shopping giant QVC.

"Based on (industry analyst) PC Data's numbers, we're number three in the country right now, and we've done that from a dead start a year ago," says Michael Ostwind, the company's director of sales and marketing. "It's been a pretty amazing time."

Ezonics makes three cameras, each of which send video images via a cable to a user's PC. The products include software which allows image capture functions so that users may record digital video clips.

First on the Market

Their latest product is the EZ Dual Cam, which functions both as a video cam and a stand-alone still camera when unplugged from a user's PC.

"It's the first product of its kind on the market," adds Ostwind.

The camera, which can hold up to 20 images when used for stills, comes with a host of interesting software titles that allow for a variety of uses.

For instance, users can use the "Greeting Cam Deluxe" package to create an animated greeting card with video content.

Also included is Live Monitor, an application which allows the camera to act as a security device. When the computer notices a new image in the video signal, whether it's an intruder or a pet, footage of that object will be recorded for review by the machine's owner upon their return.

Software is also included for creating a calendar with images captured by the camera. Users can also create 360 degree panoramic images using the camera and supplied software. And, as another Ezonics slogan promises, it's all "EZ" to use.

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