Hacienda Tenants Offered High Speed Net Access at a Discount

Internet access has moved from curiosity status to being a mission-critical business function in a remarkably short time. The constant need for faster and cheaper connections has lead to the latest technology, Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL).

DSL offers continuous Internet access in a variety of speeds ranging from 144k/sec, more than twice as fast as a modem, to 1.5M/sec as fast as a T-1 line.

It gets better. Because a DSL line is "always on," there are no incremental charges for use. This is proving to be a big hit with businesses, which can now attach fixed costs to their annual Internet access.

Best of all, DSL offers all that performance at prices that are just a fraction of other technologies.

Special Offers for Tenants

DSL should be available in Hacienda by July 15, according to current schedules. Several different companies will be offering service, but three providers have come forward with special offers for Hacienda tenants.

"We're pleased that we've been able to arrange these special discounts for our tenants," says James Paxson, general manager of the Hacienda Owners Association. "We think many companies in Hacienda will be interested in this technology."

All three providers are partners of NorthPoint Communications, a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) focused exclusively on delivering dedicated data lines to growing businesses nationwide through wholesale agreements with service providers.

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