DBN "Netsourcing" Coming to Hacienda

Huge Data Center, Executive Offices Coming in Expansion

DBN, a pioneer in the new "netsourcing" field, is establishing its West Coast data center in over 100,000 square feet of space in Hacienda. The company's executive offices, currently in St. Louis, will also be housed in the park.

The company offers a variety of consolidated services necessary to companies which provide their products or services digitally, either through privately owned networks or the Internet.

"I think in layman's terms, what we're offering our customers is a way to deploy e-business applications very quickly, without the huge investments that would have to be put forth otherwise," explains DBN spokesperson Dina Toothman.

Toothman explains that many companies that launch e-business applications re-invent the wheel by attempting to provide all the services required to deliver the application themselves.

Netsourcing provides an alternative to that. Instead of providing just one aspect of e-business application delivery, such as establishing network services or Internet connectivity, DBN provides everything necessary for e-businesses to provide their applications to their customers.

The company believes that its integrated services provides increased performance as well.

"DBN was founded on the premise that the only way to provide (service with no down time) is to assure that the network is integrated in with the data centers and it's all managed as one single unit," she adds. "That's how you manage performance and that's how you make sure that the application is available."

In addition to the new Pleasanton location, DBN operates data centers ranging from 25,000 square feet to 100,000 square feet in St. Louis and New York.

Their Hacienda facilities at 5667 Gibraltar Drive and 5731 West Las Positas Boulevard will house their data center, with its "NASA-like" service management center, as well as their West Coast marketing offices. Also, the company's president/CEO and CFO will move from St. Louis to the park facilities.

Toothman estimates that 80 people will be employed at the location in the next nine months. The data center will be completed by the end of December.

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