The Hacienda Owners Association Has All the Materials Needed to Introduce You to the Hacienda Community

Starting a new job or even having your company move to a new location is an exciting and sometimes challenging experience. Fortunately, new employees and residents have a resource in the Hacienda Owners Association. The Hacienda Owners Association serves the park's land owners, tenants, employees and residents, and plays an important role in making Hacienda a great place to work, live and do business.

As part of that role, the Association stands ready to provide you with a complete orientation to the Hacienda community. Hacienda has many value-added benefits available to its employees and residents unique to the development. In fact, because the Association represents the park and its over 20,000 employees and residents as a whole, park tenants have access to a number of special features obtained by the Association as a community representative. The Association also serves as an information clearinghouse for details and special offers on transit, community events, and a host of park amenities.

With the growth of Hacienda and the constantly expanding menu of services offered to park tenants, even long-time Hacienda employees and residents might not be aware of everything that's available. So, if you're a new employee, or even if you've been an employee or resident of the park for a while, the Association's resources can serve you in many ways. There are four main resources waiting to assist you.

Employee Orientation Package

This package will provide you with a complete orientation to many of Hacienda's basic services and to Hacienda's special employee and resident benefit programs. The package also includes a map of the park with important features noted and a copy of Hacienda's NETWORK newsletter.

Whether your interested in pursuing pleasure and diversion or means to advance your business, Hacienda has amenities to serve your goals. The Employee Orientation Package will tell you how to obtain access to Hacienda's complete library of resources. Additional Hacienda features include special discounts to Hacienda businesses and to local and regional attractions, business resources, networking opportunities, professional development programs and much, much more.

No development can match Hacienda's full compliment of transportation benefits. The Employee Orientation Package will provide basic information on this great employee program where you can learn about the many transit options serving Hacienda. Getting to work is easier and inexpensive with Hacienda's free WHEELS bus passes for employees and residents. There are also free BART new rider and free SMART first-time rider programs that you can learn about as well.

Hacienda is patrolled by an on-site security force 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Employee Orientation package will tell you how park Security Officers can be reached to aid park tenants and businesses. In addition, you can learn about the many Hacienda information and assistance programs that are available to enhance your security and safety, and that of your business.

image Outside the Office and After Hours

Discover great dining, shopping, entertainment, and more right within the park. In this package you will receive the names, addresses, phone numbers and directions to all of Hacienda's service establishments. There are credit unions, banks, printing shops, stationery and office supply centers, computer stores, florists, outdoor equipment, video rental, airline reservation offices, and real estate agents. Whether you have hobbies or need things for your home, nearby are stores for furniture, books, electronics, linens and picture framing. For your personal care, there are tailors, dry cleaners, shoe stores, fitness clubs, tanning spas, hair and nail salons, dentists, chiropractors, optometrists and eye care. For your visitors, there are excellent hotels. Dine in every style from convenience food to elegant restaurants.

The Outside the Office and After Hours package has a map of the many retail and service centers in the park. Four primary centers, the Hacienda Plaza (Stoneridge and Gibraltar), Gateway Square (Stoneridge and Hopyard), Crossroads Center (Stoneridge and Hopyard) and Metro 580 (Rosewood and Owens) are conveniently located directly within Hacienda. The centers are further complimented by numerous other retail and service businesses also found within Hacienda's boundaries.

Program Guide

Hacienda's Program Guide will provide you with a comprehensive outline of all of Hacienda's benefits, amenities and services. Each section of the guide provides details on programs, program participation opportunities as well as a comprehensive materials list outlining all of the resources available through the Association's office. Not only will you find more details and in-depth coverage of the park's many benefits, the Program Guide provides a set of easy-to-use reference lists for ordering a wide array of materials from the Association.

image Transportation

Hacienda's Program Guide will take you on a complete tour of Hacienda's award-winning transportation program. Not only can you learn more about the background behind the park's successful approach to transportation alternatives, you will also find a complete set of references to the sophisticated on-site amenities available to provide employees and residents with a wide range of transportation benefits. These references can further assist in the promotion and development of a transportation alternatives program in the business or home.

  • Transit information includes details on WHEELS' local express and DART service for transportation around the valley. For commuters from Contra Costa County, try County Connection or, in San Joaquin County, SMART. MAX delivers patrons from Modesto, and Amtrak and Greyhound services connect with the park as well.
  • Rail service to Pleasanton is excellent. Let the Bay Area Rapid Transit ( BART) get you to work from virtually anywhere in the Bay Area. In addition, the Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) runs between Stockton and Silicon Valley with stops in Livermore and Pleasanton.
  • Receive preferential parking when you travel by vanpool or carpool. Carpool and vanpool coordination is provided by RIDES for Bay Area Commuters, an agency promoting alternative transportation.
  • You're never stuck at the office without a car with the Guaranteed Ride Home Program. This free service assures commuters who try alternative transportation that they will have a ride home under special circumstances.
  • The cost of your alternative commute looks better with Commuter Checks. These transit vouchers can be purchased by employers for employees and given as a tax-free transit incentive.
  • Special connections are available with airport service and para-transit services for disabled persons.

Security and Safety

Hacienda's Program Guide will allow you to become familiar with the many security and safety features of the park. Learn all about Hacienda's 24-hour patrol program and the many types of assistance the security patrol offers employees and residents. Hacienda's Security Officers can address a variety of needs from assisting with nuisance issues to performing special observations.

  • Security Programs. The Hacienda Owners Association and Pleasanton Police Department provide a number of helpful resources, including emergency contact information, commercial security surveys, details on supplemental security, and building security regulations.
  • Safety Programs. Other safety programs include earthquake and emergency preparedness manuals as well as information on CPR classes and fire safety, all sponsored by organizations such as the American Red Cross, State Office of Emergency Services, PG&E, and Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department.

image Amenities

The Program Guide can give you a broader understanding of the wide range of services and amenities available at Hacienda. Hacienda's mission is to add value to your experience within the park. See what Hacienda has to offer from tenant packages and a directory, to property guides and a retail services description, business to business marketing, business services and more.

  • Hacienda features a broad-based mix of residential development of homes, town homes, and apartments. Special programs are available for first-time buyers.
  • On-site child care is available at Hacienda Child Development Center, an award-winning facility that has incorporated components from successful child-care programs from around the world.
  • After hours, it's time to relax and you'll discover recreation choices, including full-service fitness facilities, the park's 2.3 mile, 18-station outdoor exercise circuit and the nearby Pleasanton Sports park with 12 soccer fields and 10 softball fields.
  • Find out more about recreation opportunities. A guide to local parks, a Pleasanton downtown brochure, parcourse map, Tri-Valley Visitors guide, and City of Pleasanton Parks and Community Services catalog are all available.
  • For medical care, near Hacienda's eastern border is ValleyCare Medical Center with a 66-bed hospital. A mile to the west of Hacienda is a major Kaiser Permanente facility.
  • Would you like to participate in running and cycling events at the park, information fairs and special presentations by civic leaders? Some of the employee favorites are Chevy's Fresh Mex Run, Great American Bike Ride for Clean Air, Hacienda Transportation Fair, and Journey of Hope.
  • Discover how local business organizations can help your business grow with seminars and networking opportunities.
  • Continue your lifelong learning at Hacienda with colleges offering classes geared for working people continuing their education. Continuing education programs are available at a number of facilities both within and near the park: the University of Phoenix (on-site), University of California, Berkeley, Golden Gate University, Cal State Hayward and St. Mary's.
  • Hacienda discount tickets will take you to places like San Francisco's Pier 39, Marine World, San Diego's Sea World, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios, and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, all at a savings.
  • Hacienda Network, a free monthly newsletter for employees and residents, is published by the Association and delivered to each Hacienda business. Advertising is also available.
  • See Hacienda up close. A detailed site map shows office, retail, residential, public and institutional development, and a listing of major employers, restaurants and amenities.
  • Did you know there are hundreds of companies that call Hacienda home? Check out the online tenant directory to find out who's here.
  • Need a place to meet, hold a video conference, conduct a seminar or collaborate with colleagues outside the office? The Association maintains a listing of facilities in and around Hacienda that offer space.

Development and Planning

Hacienda is a mixed-use development built to create a cohesive, visually unified community with a sense of identity, distinction, and quality. Development is controlled by interrelated standards outlined in the Design Guidelines; Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC & Rs); and the Development plan. The Association helps guide park users through the planning, design, and construction approval process, saving users time and money.

  • The Program Guide provides information on everything from design to permitting. In this way, businesses can receive needed direction into meeting their objectives while simultaneously satisfying park and city requirements.
  • The Site Data Bank is a series of information resources created to provide support into park planning and development efforts and includes a land use database, improvement database, inventory and site management programs, development and improvement records and a development assistance program.
  • The Design Review program allows the Association to work with Hacienda users every step of the way through the development process to help them meet both park guidelines and city requirements. Materials covering every aspect of design guidance, zoning, permitting, and approvals are available.

Internet Resources

Hacienda is on-line in a big way with a website that provides information on the park, tenants and programs, along with links to tenants, business contacts, community agencies and other informative sites. In addition, Hacienda Online! provides valuable employee resources.

On Hacienda's website, take an exciting virtual tour of the park. You'll find many things from directions on how to reach Hacienda to a tenant list and video tour. There is a complete guide to Hacienda and the Association's programs and services. Under General Information is an overview of Hacienda including a description and demographics. Vacant space, leasing information and a view of each Hacienda project is found under Property Profiles.

Hacienda's tenants, with name, address, phone number and brief description, are listed in an alpha directory in the Tenants section. For businesses with their own web site or e-mail, links are provided from the Association's page. Read an online version of the Hacienda Network newsletter and search back issues. The Park Association button links to services such as security, maintenance and transportation provided to Hacienda and its tenants and residents by the Association. Click the Activities and Events button and you'll find a calendar of Hacienda and community events. Click Video Tour for a trip around the park.

Hacienda Online! is a free service which "pushes" park information right to your desktop by e-mail. This service offers three programs, and subscribers have the option to receive any or all of them. Subscribers to the Hacienda Online! Network program will have the Network newsletter electronically sent to their computer.

The Hacienda Online! Hacienda Connection program keeps you up to date on park activities, special events, program announcements and offers made to employees and tenants. Hacienda Online! Community News provides information on local and regional items of interest such as news, transportation advisories, recreation programs, housing options, entertainment opportunities and more.

Hacienda Online! is available by subscription. Simply follow the Hacienda Online! link off of any of the main website toolbars to sign up.

Obtaining Information

All of Hacienda's materials are routinely modified to keep content current and to reflect the addition of new programs. Please feel free to contact the Association at any time for new and updated materials. Hacienda's website is also modified on a regular basis to keep information current.

Printed material, fliers, brochures, leaflets, maps, schedules and much more are available in any quantity your company may need. Please do not hesitate to let us help fulfill your orientation objectives. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible.

To obtain information, please feel free to utilize any of the following:

Hacienda Owners Association Office Information

Visitors welcome Monday through Friday, 9 am to 3 pm 4473 Willow Rd, Suite 105 (East Building Entrance) Pleasanton, California 94588-8570 (925) 734-6500 (phone) (925) 734-6501 (fax)

For pre-recorded information and automatic phone ordering: (925) 734-6550 (Main) (925) 734-6551 (Transportation) (925) 734-6552 (Security) (925) 734-6553 (Business Services) (925) 734-6554 (Amenities) (925) 734-6556 (Development) (e-mail) (WWW)

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