Hacienda's Partnership with Acteva Provides Tools for Events and Activities

The Hacienda Owners Association is introducing a new benefits partner, Acteva. Acteva is a versatile Internet ticket and reservation site that can be used by any Hacienda employee, resident or business to help market, manage, and promote your activities.

Here's how it works. Acteva allows you to offer attendees to your special event, fundraiser, program, conference or seminar an online method for event registration, ticket order and purchase, membership sign-up, sponsorship opportunities, or fundraiser payment.

You simply create an account, click on the "Add New Activity" button, and enter all the activity information you want your participants to see. Next, enter the basics: the type of activity (registration, ticket, donation, etc.), a brief description, and specifics of the event, venue, membership drive, or other type of activity.

You can customize your activity with Booking Options, where the fields provided enable you to specify transaction options, inventory limits, pricing, processing fee load factors, and sub-events within the activity.

Once the event is finalized, a custom web page is automatically generated. Acteva forwards you a URL so that you can send your customers to this page to register for your activity.

Free events can be listed at no cost. For events which require payment, Acteva simply charges a percentage of the gross ticket sales in exchange for their tools and secure server for online payments.

The Acteva system is a cost-effective and easy way to increase attendance, reduce no-show rates, and eliminate a large amount of paperwork, while broadening your market reach. There are also marketing tools online to help you promote your event such as batch e-mails.

You can import your Acteva database containing registrant information to develop mailing lists, name tags, will-call lists and statistical analyses. A survey tool allows you to poll attendees before and after your event.

Use this special URL to get connected with the Hacienda and Acteva partnership: http://www.acteva.com/about/index.cfm?TTGAffRef=3587. In addition, there are a number of entry points on the Hacienda web site at www.hacienda.org where you can click on the Acteva logo and get connected to the same URL. Look for the image on the home page and Events and Activities page.

The partnership doesn't end there. Hacienda will help publicize activities of interest to the Hacienda community which are open to the public that will be booked thorough the Acteva engine. Events will be listed in the Network newsletter calendar, on the Events and Activities web page and in special e-mail bulletins, giving the activity exposure to thousands of readers.

For more information, contact the Hacienda Owner's Association at (925) 734-6500, info@hacienda.org .

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