Hacienda Companies Honored by Mayor for Continued Use of Commute Alternatives

Hacienda employees are actively participating in alternate commutes and the positive results are in. For their part in Commendable Commutes, the city trip-reduction program, Hacienda companies were recognized at the Mayor's Awards Recognition Breakfast on January 24 at the Pleasanton Hotel.

Pleasanton Mayor Tom Pico, assisted by Diana Bonanno, economic development assistant, presented the awards for the year 2000. Hacienda companies receiving awards were: Providian Financial for the best overall use of commute modes; Hacienda Owners Association for leadership in resolving transportation issues for community betterment; AT&T for best overall program; California Indemnity Insurance for highest rate of carpool use; and Wal*Mart for the highest rate of transit use. Shaklee received awards for the highest rate of BART use and the highest rate of telecommuting.

Transportation Survey Complete

Hacienda companies also received high marks in the City's transportation survey, which is conducted every two years on a voluntary basis. Hacienda employers returned survey forms from 6,242 park employees. Now the data, collected in May of last year, is being used to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.

Hacienda companies and their employees' commitments to alternate commutes resulted in excellent news for the City of Pleasanton. Compared to the city as a whole, Hacienda commuters are more likely to use alternate commute and are less likely to drive to work alone. They use BART, WHEELS, SMART bus, motorcycles and mopeds, bicycles, the ACE train, telecommuting, walking to work, and participate in short work weeks.

Approximately 14 percent of Hacienda commuters carpool or vanpool. Hacienda commuters are also more likely to use BART (5.3 percent).

Hacienda has an impressive drive-alone improvement rate. The rate improved by 4 percent since 1998, dropping to 76.1 percent from 80.4 percent. Most of the change is due to increased use of BART and telecommuting. Not only has Hacienda improved dramatically since 1998, the drive-alone rate is significantly lower than the community average of 79.7 percent.

Over 50 percent of all Hacienda park commuters live more than 20 miles from their worksites.

Commute Resources Available

If you would like to join the ranks of Hacienda employees enjoying relaxing, alternative commutes, there are many resources available.

The Hacienda Owners Association are experts on Hacienda commuting and offer a number of transportation resources. The Association provides free WHEELS passes to park employees and residents, for instance. The Association also serves as a resource for carpool and vanpool formation, the many transit options which serve the park, and more. The Association also provides a detailed commuter information center online at their web site, www.hacienda.org. A variety of transit materials may also be ordered online by clicking on "Order Materials" from any main button bar. Contact the Association at (925) 734-6500.

The City of Pleasanton Commendable Commute program, available to all park employers, is a resource that gives businesses tools to help build alternative commute programs. Call Lisa Adamos at (925) 931-5039 for information.

Finally, to form a vanpool or carpool or be a rider, contact RIDES for Bay Area Commuters at www.rides.org. RIDES also can provide information on Commuter Checks, a popular tax-free employee benefit provided by employers. Contact Jackie Peay of RIDES at (800) 755-POOL for more information.

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