ACE Train Offers Incentives to New Hacienda Riders

If you are a Hacienda employee who lives in San Joaquin County and are interested in commuting on the Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) train, ACE has a new first-time-rider incentive coming in August for Hacienda employees.

New riders receive a free round trip ticket on ACE as well as an opportunity to buy either a 20-trip ticket or a monthly pass at half price.

Hacienda commuters from Stockton, Lathrop and Manteca, along with those who board at the Vasco Road and Downtown Livermore stops, qualify for the program.

Ride Free

Obtaining the ACE first-time rider incentive is easy. Simply access the Hacienda New Rider Incentive Programs web page and request the ACE New Rider package.

Hacienda will send you a special invitation from ACE to try their service for free. The free round trip ticket is good for up to four zones to Pleasanton. However, it is not valid beyond Pleasanton into Santa Clara County.

The program doesn't stop with that first ticket, however. If they like the service, riders also have a one-time opportunity to purchase a 20-trip ticket equivalent to two weeks' worth of commuter passes, or a monthly pass at half price, a potential savings of more than $95.

ACE and Hacienda Partnership

The program is a service of the Hacienda Owners Association working with ACE Rail and is the latest addition to Hacienda's extensive employee New Rider Incentive program.

Laura Farley, ticketing coordinator for ACE rail, says that human resources managers at Hacienda companies will be contacted with further details about the program, as well as possible enhancements to it.

"The San Joaquin County to Alameda County program is just in the beginning stages, but we are looking at it as a continual service for Hacienda for new employees and first-time ACE riders."

Three Trains Now, One on the Way

The ACE train leaves from Stockton and travels to Lathrop/Manteca, Tracy, Livermore at Vasco Road, Livermore downtown, and to downtown Pleasanton before continuing on to Fremont and San Jose. Service began in May of 1998 and ACE has become a popular choice for commuters.

ACE started with two runs in both mornings and evenings and expanded to three trains earlier this year. The demand has not yet been met, however, and a fourth daily train is scheduled to begin this fall.

Current ACE morning arrival times in Pleasanton from San Joaquin County are 5:37 a.m., 6:46 a.m. and 7:52 a.m. Scheduled eastbound departure times in Pleasanton are 5:09 p.m., 6:19 p.m. and 7:39 p.m.

Free WHEELS Passes, More

Hacienda offers many first-time rider incentive programs for alternative commutes, including free WHEELS bus passes. Access the Hacienda web site for transportation materials available from the park. Information and materials including the New Rider program may also be received by calling either (925) 734-6500 or their automated, 24-hour Transportation Hotline at (925) 734-6551.

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