EDD Offers Free State, Federal Payroll Tax Seminar to Hacienda Businesses

Hacienda employers are invited to attend the Employment Development Department's no-cost federal and state payroll tax seminar from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., October 25, at the Dublin Library, 7606 Amador Valley Blvd.

This free seven-hour seminar, presented by Cecilia Yin of the Hayward EDD tax branch division, along with a representative of the Internal Revenue Service, covers dozens of payroll topics that every employer, large or small, needs to know.

"There are so many advantages to taking this seminar," says Yin. "First, there is no cost, it's free. Employers only have to invest a little bit of time to learn and understand the laws and regulations and, especially, how to avoid potential problems and pitfalls. That way they can use their precious time to run their businesses correctly, and those businesses will benefit and grow."

Yin has been with the EDD for 20 years, starting as an auditor, then becoming an auditor trainer. She has presented tax and benefit cases before administrative law judges in hearings and has also been a team member of sting operations and testified in those cases.

The tax seminar she will present is comprehensive and includes topics such as registering as an employer, tax laws, tax filing options, SDI rates, filing quarterly and annual tax returns, making tax payments, obtaining forms and publications, state and federal payroll tax procedures and requirements, due dates, forms, payments, rates, changes to your business, employee registry, and resolving tax problems.

Another important topic will be the difference between employees and independent contractors. Yin will talk about the factors to look at before making a determination between the two, along with any legal precedents that exist. Yin says there will be an explanation of unemployment insurance taxes, why these taxes are required, and what programs they support.

She will also answer questions about payroll tax issues and problems employers attending the seminar face in their businesses.

Yin notes that attendees will also learn how to understand and fill out simple payroll forms. Each person will each receive two professionally- prepared packets for state and federal payroll taxes with forms and information.

The EDD seminar in Dublin takes place four times a year as do the seminars in Hayward and Fremont, for a total of 12, one each month. Yin also says that special on-site seminars at Hacienda can be arranged and need only a minimum of 12 attendees. These no-cost custom seminars focus on state payroll tax issues, while the Dublin, Hayward and Fremont seminars also include federal payroll tax information.

If you would like information or to register for the Dublin seminar, or would like to find out more about a custom on-site Hacienda seminar, call Cecilia Yin at (510) 293-1762.

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