Take a Two-Wheeled Ride on Bike to Work Day

Pedal your way to Hacienda and win great prizes on Bike to Work Day, Thursday, May 16, sponsored locally by Hacienda, the City of Pleasanton, BART and Dublin Cyclery.

The fun and festivities can be found at the Hacienda Energizer station, outside the BART turnstiles from 7:00-9:00 a.m. Join the co-sponsors for snacks and beverages. A special gift is available for people who bike to work on this day.

Bike to Work Day is an annual celebration between May 13-17. The event is a statewide effort and RIDES for Bay Area Commuters is the regional coordinator and implementer in the Bay Area.

When you register for Bike to Work Day at www.btwd.org/registration, or at an Energizer Station, you'll be eligible to win great prizes, including a weekend getaway for two in Napa. Last year more than 8,900 people registered to participate.

More than 100 Energizer Stations around the Bay, including Hacienda, will offer refreshments and encouragement to bicyclists on the morning of Bike to Work Day.

The number of bicycle commuters doubled between 1983 and 1990, according to the Bicycle Institute of America.

"Bicycle commuting is fun and most people can't say that about their daily commute," says Julia Maglione, communications manager for RIDES for Bay Area Commuters. "There's fresh air and exercise and it's inexpensive relying on your own pedal power, plus it's good for the environment. All this make it a fun commute for people."

Julia also notes that the RIDES Bike Buddy program helps people to start bike commuting. "It's a group of experienced cyclists who are willing to give advice and information to novice bicycle commuters, either via phone or e-mail. It's a free service - just sign up through RIDES."

Most Bay Area transit carriers have bike facilities, such as lockers or bike racks, and all Bay Area bridges accommodate bicycles-some by bike path or shoulder, others with shuttles.

RIDES for Bay Area Commuters at www.rides.org can help you with every facet of your bike commute.

There you'll find information about maps and route planning, safety, transit, bicycle parking at work, commuter benefits, Bay Area bike organizations, clubs, bike shops, the Bike Buddy program, advocacy groups, and state organizations.

If you are interested in a bike clinic to have your bike checked before Bike to WorkWeek, contact Chuck Tyler at Dublin Cyclery at (925) 828-8676. Chuck and his crew will also provide free bike checks at the energizer station on Bike to Work Day.

As noted above, RIDES is the regional coordinator of Bike to Work Day, and serves as the central agency for networking people who want to work on this event. Any individuals, employers, bike groups or retail outlets who want to get involved should e-mail Melisa Montoya, RIDES regional promotions coordinator, to find out about other volunteers in their community who are working on the event. You can contact Melisa at (510) 273-2060or mmontoya@rides.org . For additional details about Bike to Work Day go to www.btwd.org or call (800) 755-7665. You can also visit www.californiabikecommute.com to learn about the statewide Bike to Work program.

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