Working on People who are Working Out

Total Body Image Offers Massage, Chiropractic Care for Fitness Fans

Kathleen Beaulieu, CMT, the owner of Total Body Image, sits on the equipment the company uses to provide a "chair massage."

If the increase in the number of health clubs is any indication, Americans exercise much more now than they did even 10 years ago. This increased awareness of fitness is creating new needs in physical care as well.

That's part of the purpose behind Total Body Image, an official healthcare provider of 24 Hour Fitness. The business, adjacent to Hacienda's 24 Hour Fitness location at 5860 West Las Positas Boulevard, offers chiropractic care and massage therapy to both 24 Hour Fitness members and the general public.

"24 Hour Fitness wanted to be able to provide a physical therapist, a chiropractor, and a massage therapist on site so that if a person came to work out, they could have everything right here," explains Kathleen Beaulieu, a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) and the owner of Total Body Image.

She explains that there are a number of advantages to combining a fitness program with massage and chiropractic care.

"If you get a massage before your workout to warm you up, you'll get a much better workout," she explains. "It helps to warm up the muscles, stretch them and make them flexible. If you have a massage after a workout, that helps push lactic acids out of the muscles, which reduces recovery time. You won't be as sore the next day."

The staff of massage therapists is well qualified. They have received special training in sports massage, in addition to the 500 to 720 hours of training required to earn the CMT title.

So far, the unique combination of services is being well received. The Hacienda location was the first to benefit from the 24 Hour Fitness/Total Body Image partnership but new locations have been added as well.

"This was the first location, Fairfield was the second one, and we've introduced it in Larkspur as well," explains Beaulieu. "There are several locations in San Francisco that we are planning for and we'll probably also move into the Stockton/Modesto area and Sacramento."

In fact, Beaulieu hopes to expand to serve each of 24 Hour Fitness's 437 locations.

"Eventually, what we'd like is for people to know that no matter which location they'll be attending, there's going to be a massage therapist and a chiropractor. That's the goal. We're just getting one established and moving on to the next."

Of course, the stress-relieving benefits of massage therapy are widely recognized, even for people who don't work out. Fortunately, Total Body Image is open to the general public as well and even offers on-site massage programs for corporations. Total Body Image can be reached at (925) 251-9655.

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