CarrAmerica Facilitates Office Management

Ernie Hughes of CarrAmerica stands outside the CarrAmerica Conference Center on Rosewood Drive.

Some say the devil is in the details, and when it comes to running a successful office, taking care of those details can amount to a substantial set of tasks. Obviously, you need an office in which to do business, but in order to keep your business up and running, you have to consider things like making sure someone changes the light bulbs and keeps the plumbing and air conditioning working. Without facilities management and engineering, you have an office space that won't be productive for very long.

CarrAmerica, which has been in business for the past 40-plus years, is primarily known as an owner, developer, and operator of office properties throughout the United States. When you look at the fact that the company has a portfolio approaching 40 million square feet, you might assume that they have their hands full simply leasing out space and purchasing property. However, the company also offers property management and facilities management services catered to its clients.

"We are in 12 major markets around the country," says Ernie Hughes, vice president and director of operations for CarrAmerica in Northern California. "We have quite a diverse range of services that we roll out in all these markets and we're expanding on our capabilities with respect to the facility management side of the business. We recognize a unique need for comprehensive outsourcing facility management services around the country."

CarrAmerica is also expanding on the engineering side of its business in the Bay Area. Based out of San Jose and Pleasanton, the company has a staff of mobile engineers that oversee its portfolio and support its clients' needs.

Hughes views Hacienda as an optimal place for CarrAmerica to own property and do business in the Tri-Valley area. "The Hacienda business park is a phenomenal location strategically in the Northern California market and obviously it's one of the top five business parks in the entire country," he says. "From an ownership perspective, I think that we're all delighted and honored to be a part of this corporate environment. It's a beautiful business park, well managed and maintained."

Because CarrAmerica has offices in Hacienda and is also the site's largest property owner, Hughes thinks that his company's services may be attractive to other companies doing business in the area. "We want to provide efficiencies and economies to other managers and owners here in the business park, as a good corporate community citizen," he says.

The myriad services that CarrAmerica can provide include property management, facilities management, development services, project management, leasing services, engineering services and support service management. Whether you need HVAC maintenance and repairs, parking lot services, roof maintenance, electrical, plumbing, painting, locksmithing or "re-lamping," Hughes says CarrAmerica can get the job done. In fact, if you need a software application to help you keep track of your facilities, CarrAmerica offers a web-based issue and maintenance management tool called InfoCentre.

And, if you need a location for a conference or corporate meeting, the company's 15,000 square foot CarrAmerica Corporate Center at 4400 Rosewood Drive in Hacienda may be just what you're looking for.The details of finding and operating an office space can be daunting. However, whether you need to lease office space, maintain it, or reorganize it, CarrAmerica can probably provide the expertise and infrastructure you need to let you concentrate on the details of your business-not your facilities. They can be reached at (925) 737-1900.

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