NLR Investment Services Helps You Plan Your Financial Future

The process of earning money and turning it into something more tangible than a number on a check is approached slightly differently by each individual. Most people, however, would agree that engaging in some sort of financial planning is far better than leaving the future to chance. In fact, many people rely on the advice of a professional to achieve their financial goals, whether those goals include retirement, purchasing a house, or simply managing and maintaining their wealth.

Nadine Refsell of NLR Investment Services at 5960 Stoneridge Drive has been helping her clients deal with financial concerns and considerations such as investment, taxes, insurance, and estate planning for 18 years. She founded NLR nearly two years ago in January of 2001. Even though NLR Investment Services is Refsell's company, she and the financial consultants of NLR offer securities and financial planning through Linsco/Private Ledger (LPL), a registered investment advisor and member of SIPC. LPL is an organization with over 4,350 highly experienced financial representatives in 2,100 branch offices across the U.S.

When clients initially visit Refsell for advice on how to handle their money, she tries to help them figure out where they stand financially in relationship to where they'd like to be in the future. "When people come to me, my first role is to explore what is going with them right now," Refsell says. "Sometimes people don't have financial goals because they don't even know what areas they should address. For some, their only focus has been on investment returns, while a more appropriate and successful strategy is to find the right investment for their risk tolerance and future goals. I help them develop goals and investment strategies they can actually live with." In some cases, people even avoid financial planning because it brings up subjects they feel uncomfortable with. "They may not have wills or trusts because they don't want to think about death or the possibility of long-term illness," Refsell says. "There are areas many of us don't think we need to plan for. For instance, if you're 50 or 60, it's really important to know how you and your loved ones will handle your long-term care needs."

Nadine Refsell enjoys helping people get a handle on their economic future and is certified in nearly a dozen aspects of financial planning and investing. In fact, the more complex the financial issues, the more she likes the work. However, helping people deal with their individual needs by getting to know them is another gratifying aspect of her job. "I'm a very hands on person," she says. "I like to be accessible and because of that, I get a lot of my joy out of my work." Ultimately, regardless of the advice she gives, it's the client who gives the final go-ahead for any action. NLR's motto is "We guide, you decide."

In addition to providing investment planning services, Refsell also presents seminars on financial topics for both her clients and the general public. Along with sharing her own knowledge, Refsell enlists the help of other professionals who specialize in areas that include long term care, health care planning, estate planning, and tax issues. Information about upcoming seminars is available from NLR Investment Services at 925-468-1700 or by emailing Refsell at nadine. .

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