OmniPros Helps Clients Customize IT Tools

Whether it's a Single Database or an Entire System, Programmers Can Do

The corporate information database is more than the equivalent of the file storage rooms of decades past. While, at its heart, a database is an electronic filing system, nowadays databases are frequently the backbone of the organization-holding data as disparate as client or payroll information and even giving customers the ability to view their accounts or purchase goods via the internet. It's rare that a database application will be a perfect fit for every company that uses it right out of the box.

To solve that problem, OmniPros, which opened up shop at 5980 Stoneridge Drive in September of this year, specializes in the field of software consulting and custom software development, focusing primarily in the area of database applications. Hacienda was chosen for its convenient location by OmniPros due to its proximity to some of the company's major clients as well as the availability of amenities. "Peoplesoft is one of the clients that's right here in Pleasanton," says Mabhav Halbe, chief operating officer and co-founder of OmniPros. "At the same time, Hacienda is a central location because of its access to 580 and 680."

OmniPros customizes applications for individual companies, sometimes designing modules that "piggyback" onto existing applications to perform a certain function and sometimes designing stand-alone applications. About 60% the company's work force is on site at the workplace of clients that include Cisco Systems, Applied Materials, Sun Microsystems, and Starbucks. About 90% of the company's workforce is in the Bay Area. "We only provide high-end software consulting and software development. So, when people talk about web architects or enterprise application integration architects or database architects, those are the kind of people that we deal with," Halbe says. "Companies come to us with a problem that needs to be given an optimal solution. Our architects devise a complete solution and then provide it to the company," he adds. In general, after the client gets an approval for the solution, it is implemented by OmniPros software architects.

One example of the type of work done by OmniPros is a project they recently completed for Hewlett Packard to address the burgeoning field of customer relationship management (CRM). CRM is a database application that involves using computers to store and keep available every aspect of interaction an organization has with each customer. Software architects from OmniPros worked on site at Hewlett Packard to perform the requirement analysis for implementing CRM using popular Oracle database software. OmniPros then developed the software architecture for Hewlett Packard's CRM modules and completed the implementation.

OmniPros currently maintains its head office in Milpitas, California and satellite offices in Pleasanton at Hacienda and in Sacramento. The company has also established a modern offshore facility in the International Software Technology Park in Bangalore, India. Other recent clients of OmniPros include Alcan Aluminum, Akzo Nobel, Brocade Communications, Cadence Design Systems, Hong Kong Shangai Bank, NEC, Pitney Bowes, Rational software, Raytheon, and Sutter Health Connect.

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