Pleasanton Schools Offer Adult Education

Who among us can say that there's nothing left to learn? Learning new skills keeps our minds active and often helps us advance in our careers.

Thankfully, learning is an enjoyable experience for most of us. Whether we're learning a new language or a new software application, adult education can be a rewarding experience. In the Tri-Valley area, adults looking to increase their knowledge are fortunate to have access to courses given by Amador Valley Adult & Community Education.

The program, which served approximately 4,000 students in the 2001-2002 school year throughout the Tri-Valley area, offers ESL, citizenship, health and safety, vocational, parent education, computer, high school diploma, and GED classes. A variety of enrichment classes are also available ranging from conversational foreign language and cooking, to money management and Feng Shui.

"In our computer classes we see a lot of people who want to brush up on their skills," says Glen Sparks, principal of Amador Valley Adult & Community Education. "But sometimes, a company has sent them out to learn Word or Excel or Powerpoint. We tailor the educational experience to both the home and professional user."

Computer classes, however, aren't the only popular programs. "The big thing that's taken off this year is the medical program, which includes both front and back office skills," Sparks says. "That's really exciting because these people are going to be doing internships with Kaiser and other medical groups."

Worksite training is also possible within the program's structure via a fee-based arrangement, where an organization pays to cover the costs associated with instruction. Instructors can be sent out to do training on site in a variety of subjects including computers and medical office skills.

In this case, custom-tailored classes are one of the options, and they don't necessarily have to run for 18 weeks like the classes in the standard classroom-based program. In a fee-based contract situation, the classes could be rearranged to fit into three consecutive nights for six weeks, two nights a week or whatever combination is necessary.

The next semester for Amador Valley Adult & Community Education courses begins September 16, and runs though January, 2003. The program's Fall brochure and online catalog at will be available mid-August.

For more information, contact Amador Valley Adult & Community Education at 925-426-4280.

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