Smart-IT Professionals Sets Up Shop

Consulting and Software Development Company Principals Move to Hacienda

Sometimes, the smartest way to deal with your information technology needs is to hire a consultant who understands your needs and facilitates your business. That's the philosophy of Hacienda newcomer Smart-IT Professionals as explained by Jack Chinkonsung, who is in charge of the company's sales and marketing efforts in the Americas.

The company, which recently moved into office space at 5674 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 107, also has offices in India and the Netherlands, homeland of Chinkonsung and company founder and CEO Edgar Conijnenberg. While the CEO still has a home in the Netherlands, Chinkonsung now lives in the Dublin hills and Conijnenberg has a home in Pleasanton, making Hacienda a convenient commute for both.

Smart-IT Professionals defines itself as a professional services company. It has qualified and experienced human resources to support companies and governments throughout the world in using information and applying technology to their benefit and competitive advantage.

"We're in the professional services business," says Chinkonsung, "so what we do is consulting and other projects. We're in all kinds of markets including financial, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical. If they need the skills, we can supply consultants and engineers."

Founded 12 years ago, the company is still privately owned by Conijnenberg. Right now, the company has contractors here in the U.S., but is in startup mode in its Hacienda location. The company also has 24 employees in Europe and 200 in India.

Services provided by Smart-IT Professionals include IT consulting; IT planning, assessment & analysis; IT architecture design; operations review; system/network performance; desktop management; security; and service management/coverage.

In addition to consulting, a large part of Smart-IT Professionals' business is in the area of software development. Development efforts aren't limited to customizing software for clients, however. The company is also working in the Application Service Provider (ASP) space. ASPs give companies Internet access to applications or services for a fee. Because these programs are located on the ASP's server computers, the end user doesn't have to deal with installing and maintaining them.

Currently, the company is localizing its reporting, agenda, scheduling, and billing application for the U.S. and other markets. "The application is for chiropractors, masseuses, and physical therapists right now," says Chinkonsung. "Definitely, it's an interesting market. We're asking only a dollar for every visit and it really works in Europe. End users don't have to do anything. The only thing they need is an Internet connection and the rest we will do for them." Like web-based email, users can access the system from anywhere. Other benefits include free support, free software upgrades, free application additions, and free application and database backups.

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