Business Council Unveils Web Site for Vision 2010 Program

With four active committees and mounting public interest in Vision 2010, the Tri-Valley Business Council has expanded its website to provide greater coverage of its activities related to fulfilling the vision.

Kristine Mazzei, a consultant to the TVBC for agriculture and open space preservation, says the expanded website information will help members, businesses and the public better understand the business council's role and goals.

The main function she sees the site serving is maintaining internal communications as well as being an outreach tool to the community and businesses from the small to large.

The Spanish settlers called this region the Valle De Oro, and, today, it still is the Golden Valley. The Tri-Valley Business Council works to preserve the area's economic vitality and diversity, which have brought a high standard of living and high levels of satisfaction with the quality of life in our region. Vision 2010 is the plan used by the council to see that the vision is realized.

For business, Mazzei says that the council's web site is an introductory chapter in the Vision 2010 project. "We go to so many business functions within the region where we are meeting people from different communities. It especially important when we are talking with new people to be able to refer them to the site. It's a great tool for them to find out who we are."

Within the TVBC, Mazzei says that it is also essential for committees focusing on regional issues to have a platform on which they can coordinate their projects.

"With so many volunteers, 30 or 40 per committee, it is critical to be able to link efforts with those in other committees."

Another important external use of the site is recruiting those interested in serving on committees that are open to the public. Committee reports can be obtained from the site.

Founded in 1994, the TVBC, with a focus on Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon and Danville, works to become involved in regional issues, representing the private sector perspective. Committees research, track public policy, participate in public hearings, and act as a facilitator with governmental and community representatives to resolve issues.

The five TVBC committees study the region's issues.

The Transportation Committee works toward the goal of an efficient transportation system for people and goods throughout the region.

The Community Planning and Housing Committee seeks to address housing needs as well as land use issues in relation to the vision.

Maintaining a balanced and healthy regional economy supporting the diverse needs of each community is the role of the Economic Vitality Committee.

The Education Committee works to expand student learning and connect it to the real world by developing and encouraging partnerships with business people in our region.

The Agriculture and Open Space committeeworks to protect the region's urban growth boundaries with a greenbelt of viable agriculture.

The Vision 2010 website is at . The business council welcomes new members, whether from corporations, small business or the community. If you would like more information at the Tri-Valley Business Council, contact Tom O'Malley, president, at (925) 890-1892, or .

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